Faculty Services

The Faculty and Academic Support Center (FASC) staff uses high tech computers equipped with current versions of MS Word and WordPerfect, running under Microsoft Windows.  The FASC provides, routinely, the following services for law professors:

  • assist in the publication process of law review articles, textbooks, coursepaks, and all other college related requests requiring word processing support. Click HERE for faculty work request submission requirements.
  • maintain, update, and revise faculty data in Digital Measures
  • maintain, update, and revise faculty curricula vitae and resumes
  • post class handouts and reading assignments to MyLaw
  • answer software questions pertaining to the production of articles or book chapters
  • scan, convert and edit text and images
  • copy materials with the exception of examinations which are completed by law school administration
  • ensure photocopiers in rooms 208 (faculty kitchen) and 255 are operational and properly supplied
  • assist committee chairs to complete their work
  • coordinate and order catering services
  • coordinate the completion of clerkship letters, letters of recommendations, and grant applications for current and former students
  • access and download documents from websites, library resources, and email
  • provide copies of research grant applications and help prepare, submit research grant proposals and receive receipts for submission of applications » See also: Office of Sponsored Programs
  • assist faculty construct student examines» See also: Law School Registrar's web pages regarding examinations
  • coordinate with IT liaison regarding current technology that apply to legal instruction in presenting material for video conferences and formatting course content to be placed on a web-based server for student access.
  • send FAXes, prepare express mail (typically UPS), distribute research print outs from LEXIS and WESTLAW printers located in the area of the FASC
  • provide service of confidential destruction for sensitive material