Smart Cities Podcast Series--New Episodes!

July 31, 2020

CLCT’s Exhibit AI podcast series on smart cities has continued to grow. Following our March announcement introducing this new topical series, we have published three additional episodes that delve into the legal and policy issues surrounding smart cities and smart city technology.

The episodes are led by hosts Taylor Lain ‘21, Fellow at CLCT, and Lindsey Whitlow, our 2019-2020 postgraduate Buswell Research Fellow. In Episodes 9 and 10, Taylor is joined by colleagues and original smart cities research team Alex Pratt ‘20 and Katherine Sorrell ‘21 in discussing how smart cities may have an impact on civil rights. In Episode 11, Lindsey is joined by Alex and Andrew Parslow ‘20, in a discussion on how the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment may impact smart city urban planning.

What’s next?

Our research team continues to expand as we welcome Summer Fellows to CLCT: Kayla Burris ’22, Samuel Habein ’22, James Leahy ’22, Alyssa Pearce ’21, and Ellen Rehnberg LL.M ’20. We look forward to diving into questions of global implications of smart cities, legal ethics, sustainability, cybersecurity, and many more in the coming months.

For more information, and to listen to our podcast series, visit our website.

Special thanks to Andrew Parslow for allowing us to base our research for Episode 11 on his paper, Property Rights for Utopia.