Cybersecurity and Information Security Newsletter

August 14, 2020

CLCT is pleased to introduce its newest educational venture, the CLCT Cybersecurity and Information Security Newsletter. William & Mary’s participation in the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) has allowed CLCT to create this monthly newsletter, which aims to provide legal and technical insights into cyber and information security developments, with the goal of making oft-opaque legal language accessible to a broader audience.

In its inaugural issue, the newsletter discussed several thought-provoking topics: eBay’s alleged port scanning practices, a white paper by Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology exploring the intersection between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report. The second issue provided an analysis of the proposed Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act. For more in-depth discussion, you can find Issue 1 here, and Issue 2 here.

About CCI
Virginia’s Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) is a state-wide partnership focusing on research and innovation in the intersection of cybersecurity, autonomous systems, and Big Data. Supported by the Commonwealth of Virginia, CCI is a highly-connected network of public institutions of higher education, industry, government, and non-governmental and economic development organizations. It connects Regional Nodes across the Commonwealth, each led by an institution of higher education. Regional Nodes are vibrant centers of research, learning, and innovation tailored to their local ecosystem. William & Mary belongs to the Coastal Node (COVA).

CCI-affiliated universities and industry partners invest in research, innovation, talent development, and the commercialization of cybersecurity technologies to position Virginia as a world leader in cybersecurity at the confluence with data analytics, machine learning, and autonomous systems.

About CLCT Cybersecurity and Information Security Newsletter

Cybersecurity and Information Security Newsletter is published by the Center for Legal & Court Technology (CLCT) at William & Mary Law School. To promote the mission of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI), CLCT’s Senior Research Fellow, Daniel Shin, Esq., curates a monthly selection of news stories related to cybersecurity and general information security with appropriate technical and legal analysis.

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