Mauro Alessandro Rosato

Summer Internship in Rwanda, Africa

Reflections on Rwanda: A Journey of Work, Nature, and Cultural Exploration

In this final blog post, I share the last two weeks of my work at Rwanda Bridges to Justice and my sister's visit. We explore Nyungwe National Forest, savoring Rwanda's natural beauty, and reflect on the transformative experiences, gratitude, and personal growth gained during my time in this welcoming East African country.

Living the Rwandan Rhythm: A Week of Work, Goodbyes, and Chance Meetings

This week in Rwanda brought a mix of professional negotiations about human rights funding projects, an emotional farewell party for a beloved colleague, and a series of serendipitous encounters with local friends, accentuating the city's warm and welcoming nature.

From Pastries to Policies

From enjoying local pastries and navigating health care disparities to participating in crucial legal discussions and delving into the social fabric of Kigali, the discussion weaves together an intriguing narrative.

Embracing Kigali: Finding Home and Building Relationships Through Tennis

This week I navigated a search for new accommodations in Kigali, finding a home within the local tennis community. I embraced opportunities to immerse in the local culture and form meaningful relationships, reminiscent of my time in Hong Kong. Alongside, I dedicated efforts at work to identify new funding sources and revise strategic plans for our operations, gearing up for an upcoming roundtable event.

Witnessing Rwanda: A Story of Engagement, Traditions, and Trials

In this week's journey, community engagements, lively discussions, and unexpected experiences marked the transformative power of collective action. From discussing projects with village leaders to partaking in a traditional wedding, the week provided insights into the complexities and resilience of Rwandan communities.