ABA International Opportunities

Besides an abundance of summer programs, the American Bar Association approves two additional methods through which you can pursue legal study at a foreign institution. 

  • Approved semester abroad: these programs are organized by any number of American law schools where the courses are taught in English by professors both of the foreign host institution and an American law school. The course you intend to take must be approved in advance through the Vice Dean, and those credits you earn of "C" or higher will be applied to your William & Mary transcript as "pass" credits. Information on "visiting away" (which is what we call taking classes at another ABA-approved program) and how to apply for permission to do so is found here. Check out available ABA-approved programs. 
  • School-approved individual study programs: the ABA requires this course of study to be related to the socio-legal environment of the country in which the foreign institution is located or have an international or comparative focus. In this program, you, the student, shall develop a written plan, with the Vice Dean, to define the educational objectives you seek to achieve during the period of study abroad; you must have a supervising professor at both the host school and William & Mary; must have your curriculum approved in advance; must prepare a plan of action with your OCS advisor in advance; and must meet all other ABA requirements specific to this program of study. The credits earned of "C" or better will be applied to your William & Mary transcript as "pass" credits. All students who study abroad will have the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their experience.
    Check out the details at the ABA site. Complete the Exchange/International Study application if you are interested in creating your international study opportunity.

Naturally, any study outside of William & Mary must be approved in advance. If you have questions, please contact the Law School's Vice Dean at lsvicedean@wm.edu.