Visiting Students

Each year, students with advanced standing are welcomed to the William & Mary family as visiting students. (Learn how to apply.) The date and time of a mandatory orientation session will be noted in your letter of admission. This orientation will introduce you to various aspects of our curriculum, and important administrators, program directors and student leaders; it will give information regarding academic policies, where to find answers to common questions and how we communicate with our students. We welcome you to participate fully in the curricular and extra-curricular life at our law school.

As a student at William & Mary, you are bound by the Honor Code. Please read it soon. You will be invited to discuss the Code with representatives of the Honor Council or be required to attend an ethics session in the first weeks of school.

Don't be confused about our exam process. Review the exam policies well in advance of the end of the term.

Remember, you must order an official transcript to be sent to your home school. The credits you earn here cannot be applied there without it.