Reunion Classes

Welcome to the Reunion Classes page! 

Alumni Weekend 2023 offers all alumni a chance to celebrate their common bond. We look forward to seeing alumni and friends in Williamsburg, on April 14-16, 2023! 

For your Reunion, we hope you'll join your class in making a gift or 5-year pledge to the Law School Annual Fund (allocation code 2047 for online gifts).   If there is another area of the Law School you would rather support, please feel free to do so, your gift or pledge will still count toward your Class Gift.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Office of Advancement at 757-221-3795 or email for more information or questions. 

Reunion Classes
Committee Members
Class Participation Goals

Committee: Sally James Andrews, William Andrews, Eric Dobberteen, Thomas Frantz, Michael Horlick, Steve Isaacs, James LaCasse, Jeffrey Musman, and James Sweet

Goal: 20%

Current: 22%


Co-Chair(s): Ralph Burnette

Committee: Linda Curtis, George Neuberger, Mat Pope, DeRonda Short, and Daniel Weckstein

Goal: 33%

Current: 17%


Co-Chair(s): Joyce Kuhns, James Penney, and James Penny

Committee: Timothy Dugan, Michael Hillinger, Leila Noel, Robert Thomas, and Kenneth Wolfe

Goal: 40%

Current: 21%


Co-Chair(s): Annemarie DiNardo Cleary, Kenneth Harrell

Committee: Douglas Anderson, Leigh Ann Bunetta, David Cozad, H. Michael Denka, Robert Eveleigh, Fernand Lavallee, and Raymond Suttle

Goal: 30%

Current: 16%


Co-Chair(s): Richard Hricik

Committee: Stephanie Coleman, Timothy Hui, Jody Leighty, John McGowan, and John Waldrop

Goal: 40% 

Current: 15%


Co-Chair(s): Maquiling Bacdayan Parkerson

Committee: Coburn Beck, Daniel Cody, Audra Dial, Jeff Jefferson, Eric Marion, Darren McCarty, Kevin Muhlendorf, Mogbeyi Omatete, Nicole Price, and Mark Van Deusen

Goal: 30%

Current: 16%


Co-Chair(s): Paul Ainsworth and Ian Conner

Committee: Alicia Davis, Jason Everett, Lauren Fassler, Robert Foley, Walter Latham, Zeke Ross, Scott Weber, Keith Wesolowski

Goal: 30%

Current: 12%


Committee: Wesley Allen, Megan Clark, Shalanda Franklin, Megan Tumi Jackson, Kelly Pereira Lackey, Shukita Massey, John Miller, and William Sleeth

Goal: 25%

Current: 11%


Co-Chair(s): Vladislava Rebeiz and Lee Tankle

Committee: Diana Balan, Eric Charity, Obiajulu Chukwu, W. Jordan Evans, and Sara Melchior

Goal: 25%

Current: 7%


Co-Chair(s): Kristin Hopkins and Matthew Rosendahl

Committee: Perry Austin, Vania Blaiklock, Samantha Forsyth, Robert Jones, Katherine Rockwell, Blake Willis, and Simon Zagata

Goal: 20%

Current: 13%

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