Virginia Coastal Policy Center Receives Grant from Virginia Environmental Endowment

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    Support  The Virginia Environmental Endowment has provided financial support for VCPC since its founding at the Law School in 2012.  
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The Virginia Coastal Policy Center (VCPC) at William & Mary Law School has received a $30,000 grant from the Virginia Environmental Endowment (VEE) for a project titled “Integrating Resilience into State and Local Plans,” the Law School announced today.

The grant will support a range of endeavors: VCPC's sixth annual conference; a project on Decentralized Wastewater Systems Data and Analysis, co-sponsored with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science; student white papers on a number of topics, including funding mechanisms for sea level rise and flooding resilience measures; and resilience workshops.

In partnership with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and Virginia Sea Grant, VCPC provides law students at William & Mary with the opportunity to conduct science-based legal and policy analysis to help inform decision-making about coastal resources and water quality issues at a local, regional, and national level. VCPC has provided policy advice to a host of decision-makers, from government officials and legal scholars to non-profit and business leaders.

VEE has provided financial support for VCPC since its founding at the Law School in 2012 according to Elizabeth Armistead Andrews, VCPC Director and a Professor of the Practice of Law. “VEE has been a key supporter of VCPC from the start, and provides crucial funding that enables us to educate future leaders and address cutting edge coastal issues,” said Andrews. "We very much appreciate both their support and their leadership in helping to protect Virginia’s environment.”

About the Virginia Environmental Endowment

The mission of the Virginia Environmental Endowment is to improve the quality of the environment by using its capital, expertise and resources to encourage all sectors to work together to prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote environmental literacy.

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