William & Mary
ELPR and Virginia Coastal Policy Center Present Feb. 26 Symposium: Current Developments in Environmental Justice

This symposium sponsored by the Environmental Law and Policy Review and the Virginia Coastal Policy Center will bring together seasoned academics and practitioners to discuss fresh perspectives on the definition of environmental justice; the public health implications of environmental justice; best practices for those currently fighting for environmental justice; and environmental justice in an international context.

Professor Banks
Professor Angela Banks on Respectability Narratives and the Quest for Citizenship

How is the discussion framed, and whose values are brought to the fore, when we talk about immigration and access to citizenship in our national debates? Professor Angela Banks shared perspectives informed by her current research on these and other questions at the fall Blackstone Lecture at the Law School.

Alumnae at the ECCC
Law Alumnae Cross Paths at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Although their years at the Law School did not overlap, and it may have seemed unlikely that their paths would cross except perhaps at a reunion, Fahimeh Manjili J.D. '15 and Steffanie Garrett J.D. '91 are now colleagues at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.

Appellate Clinic News: Fourth Circuit Issues Opinion in U.S. v. Williams

On December 14, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued a published opinion in U.S. v. Williams in favor of the appellant, represented by William & Mary Law School's Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic. The opinion was a unanimous decision, authored by Judge Robert B. King and joined by Judges Barbara Milano Keenan and Henry F. Floyd.

Zick Explores Protecting First Amendment Liberties At and Beyond Our Borders

In recent weeks, the American public has been transfixed by the danger of online terrorist speech and calls for religion-based limits on the movement of persons across U.S. territorial borders. In his recently published book, "The Cosmopolitan First Amendment," Professor Zick describes and defends a “cosmopolitan” approach to these and other issues, one that situates First Amendment rights and values in a globalized and digitized world.