Focused on Student Outcomes

We are committed to giving our students the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed in their legal careers and make a meaningful difference in society. While we take pride in our academic achievements, including our faculty's scholarly impact and our students' high employment rates, our true value lies in our dedication to fostering a community of citizen lawyers prepared to tackle the complex challenges of our world.

Student-Focused Impact

William & Mary Law School has a tradition of excellence that meets real-world impact.


The Citizen Lawyer Experience

The Citizen Lawyer Experience is not just a philosophy; it's a call to action. No matter which area of law each student chooses, our law school empowers students to become legal professionals who are committed to social impact. Students gain practical legal experience through clinics, externships, internships, collaboration, and award-winning competition teams.

Journey to Excellence

William & Mary prepares highly skilled, values-driven professionals committed to a higher purpose and advancing the rule of law. 


World-Class Faculty

Our faculty's reputation for excellence is known nationwide, reflecting their dedication to shaping top-notch legal professionals. As students embark on their journeys, they will experience firsthand the invaluable guidance and support our faculty provides.

Faculty Impact

Our professors are more than just educators—they're mentors and leaders in the legal field.


Specialty Areas

From constitutional law and international law to business law and intellectual property, our renowned faculty and robust curriculum provide comprehensive training and expertise in a wide range of legal fields.

Explore Your Interests

We are committed to excellence across diverse specialty areas in law, enabling students to explore their interests in depth.

Join the William & Mary Community

Join us at William & Mary Law School and embark on a transformative journey towards a successful legal career.