Center for Criminal Justice Policy and Reform

The mission of the Center for Criminal Justice Policy and Reform (CCJPR) is to educate and engage the William & Mary community—students, faculty, and staff—in the national conversation about criminal justice issues.

The goals of public safety and ensuring an equitable criminal justice system are not mutually exclusive. Thus, scholars, policymakers, and advocates must continue to research, develop, and implement reforms to achieve these twin goals. The Center's goal is to be instrumental in this work.

The Center encourages scholarly discourse and evidence-based research on issues impacting the American criminal legal system. The Center's focus is on five pillars. They are:

  • ensuring democratic policing;
  • advancing prosecutorial ethics;
  • addressing community violence without contributing to mass incarceration;
  • examining the responsible use of technology in law enforcement;
  • and implementing transparency in jury selection.

Criminal Law is among J.D. concentrations offered at W&M Law.  Through symposia, roundtables, speakers, and other activities, the Center provides bourgeoning lawyers with an opportunity outside the classroom to grapple with the realities of the criminal justice system.