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AI and the Rule of Law

On Wednesday, January 31, Professor Paul Burgess visits William & Mary to discuss his book, AI and the Rule of Law.

Democracy Initiative Podcast

Professor Margaret Hu from William & Mary Law School recently participated as a guest on the Democracy Initiative Podcast, a series designed to explore issues related to democracy.

Election Subversion: Accountability or Politics?

Please join us for a lunch panel discussion on Thursday, September 21, in Room 119, to discuss the January 6 Report and recent Indictments of the former President.

Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: One Year Later

The Digital Democracy Lab at William & Mary Law is pleased to help coordinate an important conversation, “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: One Year Later,” co-hosted by William & Mary (W&M), Data & Society, and the Center for Democracy & Technology.

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Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Democracy: Futureproofing 2076

On August 18, 2023, we are excited to host a policy workshop on AI governance, “AI & Democracy: Futureproofing 2076.” together with W&M's Global Research Institute, W&M Data Science, and the W&M Democracy Initiative.