Semester Exchange Programs

If you have the interest, we encourage you to explore law courses in foreign institutions. All J.D. graduation requirements must still be met for those students who study abroad.  In addition, a plan of action crafted with and approved by your OCS advisor is required as part of your application. Semester dates at each host institution may not align with the William & Mary semester so carefully consider each option to ensure it is consistent with your other academic and professional goals. 

We have Exchange Agreements with the following law schools around the world:

Up to two William & Mary students may be nominated each year for each institution. Exchange opportunities at each host instiutiton will be subject to seat availability at the host institution in any given semester. Nomination by William & Mary does not guarantee acceptance at the host institution.

Courses are taught in English, though if you are fluent in the host school language, you may take courses taught in that language. Students must earn an equivalent grade of "C" or better, from the exchange program school, for credits to transfer to the William & Mary law degree. Credits earned in the semester abroad program will be entered to your W&M transcript as pass-fail credits and therefore are subject to the 25% limitation on ungraded academic credits allowed towards your degree. Students will not get credit for coursework that is 30% or more duplicative of a course already taken at W&M.

Applications (PDF) are accepted January 1 through February 1 in your 2L year and, if nominated and accepted, you would study abroad during the fall semester of your 3L year.  Incomplete or late applications cannot be accepted. A course plan for the academic year during which you intend to spend a semester abroad must be approved in advance by the Vice Dean and the Assistant Dean for Academic Services & Registrar. Each host institution has its own timetable and deadlines for acceptance and registration. If a William & Mary student nominated for exchange has not yet received an official acceptance letter from the host institution, that student should register for William & Mary courses for the fall semester of 3L year. William & Mary fall semester courses can be dropped once the official acceptance letter is received. 

After a Study Abroad experience, students are required to complete a program evaluation.  Evaluation feedback assists the Law School with identification of program strengths and weaknesses, and offers the opportunity to enhance future programming. 

The student program evaluation will be administered through a printed evaluation questionnaire, and will capture information on pre-departure advising, host orientation, living accommodations, healthcare, curriculum, academic environment and quality.  The evaluation will be completed within 30 days of a student's return from a study abroad experience and will be turned in to the International Programs Office. Completion of an evaluation is required to receive coursework credit.

If you have questions, please contact the International Programs Office, at [[llmadm]].

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