Frequently Asked Questions

How can I let the Law School know that I've changed my email or mailing address?

Update your information

How can I make a gift to the Law School?

Visit our online giving page to make your gift today.

How do I request a transcript or a duplicate diploma?

Alumni needing copies of their transcript or duplicate diplomas should use the following links:

William & Mary Law School Transcripts

Duplicate Diplomas

Please contact the University Registrar's Office at 757-221-2800 or email for more information or questions.

Does the Law School publish an Annual Report?

Yes, the Annual Report is now the Financial Report and Honor Roll.  The latest report can be found here.  Please note that the honor roll of donors is not included in the online version of the report.

When is my next class reunion?

Every April, the Law School welcomes graduates back for Reunion Weekend. All alumni are welcome to attend, but there are special events for classes celebrating their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, and 50th reunions.  Visit our Reunion Weekend page for more information.

Can I change my class affiliation?

Although you cannot change your graduation year, you may affiliate yourself with another class. For example, if you received your degree in 1993, you may request to be affiliated with the Class of 1992, as well as the Class of 1993. To request a new affiliation, please contact the [[lsadvance, Office of Advancement.]] 

Does the Office of Career Services offer assistance to alumni?

Absolutely. Visit the OCS website to find out more.

How can I sign up to mentor students through the Co-Counsel Program or help with admissions through the Alumni Ambassadors Program?

Information about these programs can be found by visiting the "Get Involved Page."  You can also get information regarding these programs by contacting the [[lsadvance, Office of Advancement]] or [[admissions, Office of Admissions]].

How can I submit my class notes?

Submit Class Notes Here

How can I get William & Mary Law School Memorabilia?

You can go online to the Public Service Fun Gift Shop web page or contact PSF at for more information.

As a William & Mary Law School graduate, do I have access to The Wolf Law Library?

Yes, alumni may use the facilities of the Law Library.

If I have a question not listed here, how can I find an answer?

Please contact the Office of Advancement.