Faculty Activities 2019


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Professor Rodney K. Adams

October 24 - Professor Rodney Adams was the keynote speaker at the 15th Annual Virginia Health Care Practitioners' Roundtable of the Virginia Bar Association. 

Professor Elizabeth Armistead Andrews 

Spring - Professor Elizabeth Andrews was appointed to the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) Working Group by Governor Northam. The working group will develop recommendations for extending the beneficial management measures established by the CBPA throughout Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay watershed. Read more about the CBPA Working Group.

Spring - Professor Andrews visited China for two weeks as part of a university-wide faculty delegation with the Confucius Institute.  She delivered a lecture on climate change at Beijing Normal University (BNU). Along with several other professors, she met with BNU law students slated to attend the law school's inaugural international summer school and met with BNU faculty and administrators about future exchanges. Read more about the Confucius Institute.

April 4 - Professor Andrews chaired a panel discussion on Surveying Critical National Security Challenges.  Read more about the event.

Emerita Professor Jayne Barnard

Fall - Emerita Professor Jayne Barnard was elected to a three-year term on the board of Virginians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. Read more about VADP.  

Professor Jeffrey Bellin

Fall - Professor Jeffrey Bellin addressed the Louisiana Elected District Attorneys Meeting, discussing how prosecutors can and should contribute to criminal justice reform.

Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl

October 11 - Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl participated in an online symposium, hosted by the Balkinization blog, on Andrew Coan's Rationing the Constitution. Read the posts.

Spring - Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl visited China for two weeks as part of a university-wide faculty delegation with the Confucius Institute.  He delivered a lecture on statutory interpretation at the Zhuhai campus of Beijing Normal University. Read more about the Confucius Institute.

Professor Jay Butler

June 5-6 - Professor Jay Butler presented his paper, "The Corporate Keepers of International Law," at the Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum. Learn more.

March 25 - Professor Butler presented his paper, "The Corporate Keepers of International Law," at the Law and Public Affairs Seminar at Princeton. Learn more.

Professor Evan J. Criddle

Spring - Professor Evan Criddle organized and moderated a roundtable on “New Perspectives in International Legal Theory” at the American Society of International Law Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

Dean Davison M. Douglas

March 27 - Deans Davison Douglas and Patricia Roberts were part of a panel addressing the role of law schools both in providing pro bono services and in instilling in students a long-term commitment to service. Learn more.

Professor James Dwyer

December 10 - Professor James Dwyer attended the Children's Rights and Interests ISFL Regional Conference and spoke on "Children as Possessions Under the CRC: Why I'm Glad the U.S. Has Not Ratified." Learn more. 

December 4 - Professor James Dwyer participated in the Child Welfare Innovation Working Group at the American Enterprise Institute. Learn more.

February 28 - Professor James Dwyer spoke about his forthcoming book at Harvard Law School as part of the "Art of Social Change" class.  The class is offered as part of the Child Advocacy Program at Harvard Law School.  Learn more.

Professor Iria Giuffrida

June - Professor Iria Giuffrida participated with Professor Frederic Lederer in a panel entitled "How Will Smart Cities Use Artificial Intelligence?" at the Commonwealth Conference on National Defense and Intelligence. Learn more.

February 15 - Professor Iria Giuffrida was part of a panel titled “How Neuroscience and Ethics Inform Robots and the Laws Governing them” at the Fordham Law School Symposium “Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Reprogramming of Law.” Learn more.

Professor Tara Leigh Grove

October 21 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove spoke on a panel on "Public Understanding and Opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court" at Marquette Law School. Her comments drew on her article, "The Supreme Court's Legitimacy Dilemma." Read the article.

October - Professor Tara Grove spoke at a panel on "Threats to Judicial Independence," which was organized by the federal District Court of Rhode Island, drawing on her articles, "The Origins (and Fragility) of Judicial Independence" and "The Power of 'So-Called Judges.'"

October 7 - Professor Grove participated in a panel at Temple Law entitled: "The People v. the White House: Using State Legal Institutions to Influence and Control Federal Policy." The Pennsylvania attorney general and Philadelphia city solicitor also participated in the event. Her comments drew on her article, "When Can a State Sue the United States?" Read the article.

May 14 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove spoke to congressional staffers on a panel on judicial independence titled "Congress and the Judiciary: What the House and Senate Can Do to Fix the Courts," where she spoke in part about her research for her forthcoming Harvard Law Review essay "The Supreme Court's Legitimacy Dilemma." Learn more.

Professor Kevin Scott Haeberle

September 27-28 - Professor Kevin Haeberle's article "Information Asymmetry and the Protection of Ordinary Investors" was accepted for presentation at the annual Corporate and Securities Litigation Workshop at Boston University. Learn more.

June 5-6 - Professor Kevin Haeberle presented his paper, "Information Asymmetry and the Protection of Ordinary Investors," at the Yale/Stanford/Harvard Junior Faculty Forum. Learn more.

Professor Laura A. Heymann

November 27 - Professor Laura Heymann was an invited participant in the Notre Dame Design Law Scholars Roundtable. Learn more.

September 20 - Professor Laura Heymann participated in a panel at the 2019 Supreme Court IP Review, sponsored by Chicago-Kent College of Law. Learn more.

August 8-9 - Professor Laura Heymann presented "Trademark Law and the Strategic Consumer" at the 19th Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at DePaul University College of Law. Learn more.

Professor Christina Jones

Spring - Professor Christina Jones visited China for two weeks as part of a university-wide faculty delegation with the Confucius Institute. She and Professor Jen Stevenson co-taught students legal writing and advocacy at Beijing Normal University. Read more about the Confucius Institute.

Professor Eric A. Kades

December 29 - Professor Eric Kades attended a conference on legal discontinuities at the University of Tel Aviv and gave a presentation on his paper "The Charitable Continuum," forthcoming from Theoretical Inquiries in Law in 2020. Read the paper.

Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer

September 14 - Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer assisted individuals seeking citizenship as part of the annual Citizenship Day event hosted by local law firm Gardner & Mendoza. She made a cameo appearance in a news story about the event. Watch the story.

Professor Allison Orr Larsen

March - Professor Allison Larsen presented and participated in the annual Annenberg Foundation Retreat at Sunnylands to discuss "protecting science in the courts" with scientists and judges from around the country. Annenberg funded an update to her research on amicus briefs, which served as a kick-off to the retreat. Learn more about the Annenberg Retreat.

Professor Fredric I. Lederer

March 2-3 - The Law School hosted the Virginia High School Mock Trial Competition. Organized by the Virginia Law Related Education Institute (VLRE), with assistance from Professor Fredric Lederer and the Center for Legal and Court Technology, the successful competition included 19 teams from Virginia and the District of Columbia. 

Professor Linda Malone

Spring - Professor Linda Malone attended her Duke Law Board of Visitors meeting, which included a commemoration of William Van Alstyne.

Professor Paul Marcus

July 12 - Professor Paul Marcus was a featured speaker at the annual conference of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law in Brisbane and was elected to the ISRCL Board of Directors. Learn more.

Professor Alan Meese

October 11-12 - Professor Alan Meese participated in a conference at the University of Pennsylvania Law School on "The Post-Chicago Antitrust Revolution." Learn more.

August - Professor Alan Meese signed onto an amicus brief in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of an appeal by Qualcomm, Inc. challenging a verdict against it in a case brought by the federal trade commission. Read the brief.

Spring - Professors Alan Meese and Nathan B. Oman participated in a program at the University of Virginia that was cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Law and Markets, which they co-direct, titled Democracy, Religion and the Marketplace.

Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec

Spring - Professor Sarah Wasserman Rajec presented her article, "The Harmonization Myth in International Intellectual Property Law," at the Junior Scholars in IP conference at GW Law. Read the article.

Spring - Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec's article, "The Property Law Misfit in Patent Law," was selected for discussion at the Junior Scholars in IP Workshop at Michigan State University. Read the article.

January 25 & 26 - Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec organized a Junior Intellectual Property Scholars Association traveling workshop.  Junior scholars from around the U.S. traveled to the Law School for the workshop.  Read more about the workshop.

Professor Ronald H. Rosenberg

July - Professor Ronald H. Rosenberg was a speaker at the Fudan University School of Law, presenting his article, "Fixing a Broken Common Law - Has the Property Law of Easements and Covenants Been Reformed by a Restatement?" in a faculty workshop. Read the article. 

Professor Jennifer Stevenson

July/August - Professor Jennifer Stevenson and Dean Patricia Roberts created the law school's first international summer school in law for undergrads, which welcomed 48 students from China. Several faculty provided lectures during the international summer program. Learn more.

Spring - Professor Jennifer Stevenson visited China for two weeks as part of a university-wide faculty delegation with the Confucius Institute. She and Professor Christina Jones co-taught students legal writing and advocacy at Beijing Normal University. Professor Stevenson also gave a lecture on negotiations in Zhuhai. Read more about the Confucius Institute. 

Professor Leslie A. Street

August 24-30 - Professor Leslie Street travelled to Athens, Greece to attend the World Library and Information Congress, where she chaired and moderated a program on Access to the Law of the Countries of the World for Vulnerable Communities. Learn more.

Professor Elizabeth Ann Tarloski

June 20 - Professor Liz Tarloski gave testimony at the House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on military sexual trauma. Representative Elaine Luria, who presided over the hearing, commended the William & Mary Puller Clinic in her opening remarks. Learn more.

Professor Christie S. Warren

September 13 - The Center for Comparative Legal Studies & Post-Conflict Peacebuilding, directed by Professor Christie Warren, put on a symposium titled "Rethinking Constitutions When Democracy Is Under Seige: A Global Perspective." Learn more.

March 28 - Professor Christie S. Warren gave a presentation titled "Women and Islamic Law: From Myth to Misogyny" as part of the Seminarios Investigadores García Pelayo at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies within the Ministry of the President of Spain. Learn more.

Professor Timothy Zick

November 5 - Professor Timothy Zick discussed his new book, The First Amendment in the Trump Era, with Professor Nadine Strossen (past president, ACLU) and Robert Corn-Revere (Davis Wright Tremaine LLP) in a panel at the law school. Read the book.

August 12 - Lawyers from Holwell Shuster & Goldberg filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court in a Second Amendment case on behalf of Timothy Zick and Professor Gregory P. Magarian of Washington University School of Law. Read the brief.

Summer - Professor Timothy Zick was invited to participate in the Firearm Law Works In Progress Colloquium sponsored by the Center for Firearms Law. Learn more.

March - Professor Timothy Zick discussed a new book titled "Practical Equality: Forging Justice in a Divided Nation," with its author, Professor Robert L. Tsai of American University Washington College of Law. The interview was recorded before a live audience at the law school. Listen to the discussion. 

January 18 - Professor Timothy Zick was among the leading scholars participating in “Heller at 10: A Symposium on the Modern Second Amendment” presented by the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly and the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence at UC Hastings College of Law.