Faculty in the News


Professor Elizabeth Andrews

January 20 - The American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL) featured a blog post by Professor Elizabeth Andrews, Director of the Virginia Coastal Policy Center, titled "The Conundrum of Managed Retreat." Read the post.

Professor Jeffrey Bellin

August 18 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted by the NYTimes in “How Many of Trump’s Trials Will Happen Before the Election?” Read the story.

August 16 - In the Financial Times, Professor Jeffrey Bellin is quoted in a story, "Two prosecutors with one goal: holding Donald Trump to account over 2020 election claims." Read the story.

Spring - Judicature (Duke Law School) featured a roundtable discussion with Professor Jeffrey Bellin and other experts on the topic "Plea Bargains: Efficient or Unjust?" Read it now.

June 26 - SCOTUSblog published an opinion analysis of Samia v. United States by Professor Jeffrey Bellin titled "Divided Court Finds Generic Redactions Sufficient to Admit Confessions of Non-Testifying Codefendants." Read the analysis.

April 11 - ​In The Conversation, Jeffrey Bellin, a former prosecutor and law professor who studies the American criminal justice system, outlines three key points to understand about the indictment and the challenges that lie ahead for the prosecution of the former president. Read Professor Bellin's essay.

April 5 - PBS NewsHour Digital Correspondent Nicole Ellis spoke with Professor Jeffrey Bellin to break down the indictment of former President Donald Trump and discuss what happens next.  Watch the video. Read the story.

April 1 - ​The Conversation US asked Professor Jeffrey Bellin to break down the key points to understand about the indictment of former President Donald Trump. Read Professor Bellin's essay​, "Trump's Indictment Stretches U.S.  Legal System in New Ways." 

March 27 - On Scotusblog: Professor Jeffrey Bellin previewed Samia v. U.S., a Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause case.  Read his post, "The Evidentiary Challenges of Confessions in Co-Defendant Trials."

March 2 - The Conversation U.S. published an essay by Professor Jeffrey Bellin titled "Understanding Mass Incarceration in the U.S. Is the First Step to Reducing a Swollen Prison Population." Professor Bellin is the author of the book, "Mass Incarceration Nation: How the United States Became Addicted to Prisons and Jails and How It Can Recover."  Read the essay.

February 27 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was guest on Decarceration Nation podcast.  He discussed his book, "Mass Incarceration Nation." Listen.

February 3 - Law360 Perspectives published an essay by Professor Jeffrey Bellin titled "We Can Ensure Public Safety and Still Reduce Incarceration." Read the essay.

Cambridge University Press recently published a book by Professor Bellin: "Mass Incarceration Nation: How the United States Became Addicted to Prisons and Jails and How It Can Recover."  Learn more.

January 6 - NBC News "Think" published an opinion by Professor Jeffrey Bellin in which he argues for shortening sentences of people convicted of non-violent crimes."  Read the essay

January 15 - Politico quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in a story titled "The Merrick Garland You Don't Know."  Read the story.

January 17 - The "Everyday Injustice" podcast featured an episode in which Professor Jeffrey Bellin discussed his book, "Mass Incarceration Nation: How the United States Became Addicted to Prisons and Jails and How It Can Recover."  Listen to the episode.

Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

July 27 - Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl was quoted in Courthouse News Service story, "Supreme Court order disrupts Fourth Circuit hearing over Mountain Valley Pipeline." Read the story.

July 21 - Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl was quoted in Energy Intelligence story, "US Gas Pipeline Now at Heart of Far-Reaching Legal Debate." Read the story.

July 17 - E&E News by Politico quotes Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl in story, "Mountain Valley pipeline turns to Supreme Court." Read the story

May 15 - Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl was quoted in a Politico Energywire article on potential changes to doctrines in administrative law. Read the story.

February 19 - The Law360 podcast, The Term, discussed a new empirical study of Supreme Court briefs by Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl titled "Supreme Court Litigators in the Age of Textualism." Listen to S4 E18. Read the study abstract on SSRN.

Professor Kami Chavis

August 3 - Professor Kami Chavis was quoted in a Law360 story, “Trump Indictment's Missing Charges Signal A Race To Trial.” Read the story.

July 6 - Professor Kami Chavis was appointed Vice Dean of William & Mary Law School, effective July 1.  Read the announcement.

April 21 - ​The Independent (U.K.) interviewed Professor Kami Chavis for a story titled "'License to Kill': How 'Stand Your Ground' Gun Laws Are Fueling Random Shootings and Racism Across the U.S." Read the story.

April 20 - ​TIME quoted Professor Kami Chavis in story titled "How 'Stand Your Ground' and Similar Laws Factor Into the Shooting of Unarmed Black Teen Ralph Yarl." Read thes story.

April 20 - Professor Kami Chavis talked to The Economist about how the Daniel Perry case, and Governor Abbott’s attempt to pardon him, represents a contradiction between gun rights advocates’ position on open carry and stand-your-ground laws.  Read the story.

April 5 - Reporter David Millward of The Telegraph (U.K.) spoke to Professor Kami Chavis about the possible legal perils facing former President Donald Trump. Read the story: "How Strong Is the Case Against Trump and Could He Go to Jail" (requires subscription).

February 15 - The Hill Opinion published an essay by Professor Kami Chavis titled "Reducing Community Violence While Protecting Civil Rights."  Read the essay.

January 10 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Kami Chavis quoted a story titled "A Texas Taco Shop Diner Killed an Intruder. Now He Faces Legal Scrutiny." Read the story.

January 23 - The Trace quoted Professor Kami Chavis in a story titled "What is Microstamping, and Can It Help Solve Shootings?"  Read the story.

January 27 - The New York Times quoted Professor Kami Chavis in story related to Tyre Nichols's death  titled "Release of Police Video Is Timed with Public Reaction in Mind." Read the story.

Professor Evan Criddle

July 6 - Professor Evan Criddle was appointed Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, effective July 1.  Read the announcement.

June 21 - BBC Newshour interviewed Professor Evan Criddle about recent proposals in the EU and U.S. to confiscate Russia’s frozen assets to pay for Ukraine's reconstruction. Listen.

​April 18 - Professor Evan Criddle joined discussion about proposal to make billions in Russian assets frozen by U.K. and other countries available to Ukraine. Hosted by Strait Talk (Turkish television).  Watch it now.

February 9 - Euronews quoted Professor Evan Criddle in a story titled "EU Plans to Fund Ukraine by Investing Russian Frozen Assets Is 'Creative but Legally Dodgy.'" Read the story.

Professor Katherine Mims Crocker

​March 18 - The Legal Theory Blog highlighted new scholarship by Professor Katherine Mims Crocker as Download of the Week. Her article is titled "Constitutional Rights, Remedies, and Transsubstantivity" and is forthcoming in the Virginia Law Review (2024). Read more.

Professor Neal Devins

July 9 - Ned Barnett quotes Professor Neal Devins in a Raleigh News & Observer opinion piece, "As he runs for governor, Democratic AG Josh Stein is pressed to defend GOP laws." Read the story.

June 26 - USA Today quoted Professor Neal Devins in story, "Biden Said Trump-Era Separations Were 'Abhorrent.' So Why Is DOJ Fighting Relief Claims?" Read the story.

May 15 - The National Constitution Center hosted a Town Hall titled "The Evolution of Judicial Independence," which featured Professor Allison Orr Larsen, Professor Neal Devins, and other experts.  Learn more.

March 22 - ​Law360 quoted Professor Neal Devins in a story titled "Texas Taps Think Tanks as Co-Counsel in Biden Lawsuits." Read the story. The story also took note of his 2015 article: 50 States, 50 Attorneys General, and 50 Approaches to the Duty to Defend, 124 Yale L.J. 2100 (2015) (with Saikrishna B. Prakash). SSRN.

January 3 - ABC News's FiveThirtyEight quoted Professor Neal Devins in a story titled "How Biden Could Appoint More Judges Than Trump." Read the story.

January 8 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted in an opinion essay in the Washington Post by Ruth Marcus titled "South Carolina's Protection for Abortion Rights Might be Short-Lived." Read the opinion.

Professor James Dwyer

December 11 - Professor James Dwyer is quoted in a Washington Post story, "How a true believer’s flawed research helped legitimize home schooling." Read the story.

November 29 - Professor James Dwyer quoted on regulations for homeschooling in KCRW story, "'We’re not all anti-vaxxers’ – meet LA’s new homeschoolers." Read the story.

October 8 - Professor James Dwyer's book, "Homeschooling: The History and Philosophy of a Controversial Practice" (University of Chicago Press, 2019), was cited at 4:37 in an episode of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver." Watch the episode.

April 22 - ​Naomi Schaefer Riley, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, quoted Professor James Dwyer in a New York Post opinion essay titled "Why Is Our Society So Lenient Toward Parents Who Mistreat Their Kids?" Read the essay.

Professor Paul R. Eckert

December 13  - Professor Paul R. Eckert is quoted in a Bloomberg Law story, "SolarWinds Begins Defense Against SEC Claim of Security Lies (2)." Read the story.

Professor Adam Gershowitz

August 21 - Professor Adam Gershowitz is quoted in a Virginian-Pilot story, "Revocation of Hampton man’s parole eligibility exposes ambiguity in Virginia law." Read the story.

August 17 - In an essay published by Slate, Professor Adam Gershowitz analyzes "The Big Flaw With the Law That Prevents Trump From Getting a Georgia Pardon." Read the essay.

Professor Iria Giuffrida

December 7 - Professor Iria Giuffrida and Alex Hall collaborated on an Op-Ed featured in Times Higher Education, shedding light on the imperative to enhance the transparency of privacy rights and bolster life protection measures within higher education. Requires registration. Read the Op-ed.

July 26 - In an informative Thought Leader Interview on the Innovation Research Interchange, Professor Iria Giuffrida dives into key legal issues around AI, and addresses the ethical issues around AI from both the macro (global) and micro (individual companies) perspective. Listen to the interview.

July 6 - Professor Iria Giuffrida was appointed Assistant Dean for Academic & Faculty Affairs, effective July 1. Read the announcement.

Professor Rebecca Green

May 18 - WHRO News quoted Professor Rebecca Green in a story titled "The Elections Before the Election: Primary Season in Hampton Roads." Read the story.

March 31 - Columnist Roger Chesley quoted Professor Rebecca Green in the Virginia Mercury about the restoration of voting rights in an editorial titled "Youngkin Seeks the Will of the People but Only When It's Politically Convenient." Read the editorial.

Professor Vivian Hamilton

June 6 - The 19th quoted Professor Vivian Hamilton in a story, "Why child marriage is still legal in 80% of U.S. states." Read the story.

Professor Laura Heymann

May 22 - The New York  Times quoted Professor Laura Heymann in a story titled "After Warhol Decision, Another Copyright Case Looms." Read the story.

March 1 - ​The New York Times quoted Professor Laura Heymann in a story titled "If Big Brands Copied Their Work, What Are Artists to Do?"  Read the story.

Professor Margaret Hu

December 29 - The Detroit Legal News wrote about Professor Margaret Hu moderating a panel on the impact of AI on national security at 33rd Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law conference in D.C., sponsored by ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security. Read the story.

November 3 - Professor Margaret Hu penned an op-ed, "Biden’s executive order puts civil rights in the middle of the AI regulation discussion," in The Conversation. Read the op-ed.

January 26 - The Washington Monthly featured Professor Margaret Hu in an article on social media cases. Read the story.

Professor Darian Ibrahim

June 12 - In a podcast hosted by the UC Law Journal (formerly known as the Hastings Law Journal), Professor Darian Ibrahim joined other authors of forthcoming articles in the journal for an episode titled "A Deep Dive Into Crypto." ListenRead his article, "A Tokenized Future: Regulatory Lessons from Crowdfunding and Standard Form Contracts."

February 16 - ​Professor Darian Ibrahim joined the Business Scholarship Podcast to discuss his article "Angels and Devils: The Early Crypto Entrepreneurs."  Listen to the podcast.

January 18 - The Duke Financial  Economics Center's Fin Reg Blog featured a paper selected for the inaugural Digital Assets at Duke Conference held on January 20 and 2.  The paper by Professor Darian Ibrahim is titled "Angels and Devils: The Early Crypto Entrepreuneurs."  Read the post.

Professor Allison Orr Larsen

July 7 - Professor Allison Orr Larsen supplies insight into the Roberts Court, and is quoted in the title, in a CBS News story, "Amid blockbuster decisions on affirmative action, student loan relief and free speech, Supreme Court's term sees Roberts "back on top." Read the story.

July 6 - Bloomberg Law published an op-ed in which Professor Allison Orr Larsen analyzes the significance of coining a “doctrine,” and how it can accelerate the law’s development in a certain direction while avoiding charges of judicial activism. Read Professor Larsen's op-ed.

May 15 - The National Constitution Center hosted a Town Hall titled "The Evolution of Judicial Independence," which featured Professor Allison Orr Larsen, Professor Neal Devins, and other experts.  Learn more.

March 6 - Adam Liptak of The New York Times spoke to Professor Allison Orr Larsen about her new study of how a legal idea became what has become known as the "major questions doctrine."  Read the story titled "The Curious Rise of a Supreme Court Doctrine That Threatens Biden's Agenda."  Learn more about Professor Larsen's study, "Becoming a Doctrine," on SSRN.

Professor Fredric Lederer

November 27 - Professor Fredric Lederer's cowritten paper, "JudicialTech supporting Justice," was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for Law & Courts eJournal. As of 27 November 2023, the paper had been downloaded 141 times. Learn more.

September 18 - Professor Fredric Lederer and Daniel Shin (Adjunct Professor and CCI researcher) participated in a podcast about AI and deep-fakes. If you listen on Apple Podcasts, search “The Litigation Psychology Podcast.” Watch on YouTube. Listen on Spotify

September 14 - Professor Fredric Lederer quoted in Government Technology (GT) story, “Courts Consider the Coming Risk of Deepfake Evidence.” Read the story.

May 19 - ​​AV Network reportered on Reuters' coverage of recent happenings at the Center for Legal and Court Technology in a feature titled "Order in the Court ... Via Holograms?"  Read the story.

May 19 -  The ABA Journal reportered on Reuters' coverage of recent happenings at the Center for Legal and Court Technology in a feature titled "Law School Introduces Hologram Witnesses in Mock Trial." Read the story.

May 16 - Reuters Legal quoted Professor Fredric Lederer in a story about the Center for Legal & Court Technology's collaboration with Proto Inc, a California-based hologram company, to test the use of remote holographic testimony.  Read the story titled "Beam Me Up, Counselor. Are Hologram Witnesses Headed to Court?"

May 2 - New America published an essay by Professor Fredric Lederer titled "On the Danger of Not Understanding Technology."  He is Chancellor Professor of Law and director of the Center for Legal and Court Technology.  Read his essay.

Professor Thomas J. McSweeney

November 4 - Professor Thomas McSweeney quoted in WYDaily story, "Jamestown Expands Programs on Law and Race with Support from Virginia Law Foundation." Read the story.

February 8 - William & Mary News published a story about research conducted by Professor Thomas J. McSweeney and research assistants Katherine Ello J.D. ’21 and Elsbeth O’Brien J.D. ’21 that may prove that William & Mary was always intended to be a university. Read the story.

Professor Alan J. Meese

February 17 - The Legal Theory Blog featured "The Constitutional Moment that Wasn't: 1912-1914 and the Meaning of the Sherman Act" by Professor Alan J. Meese. Read the post.

Professor Nathan Oman

Spring 2023 - Routledge published an edited volume by Professor Kathleen Flake (University of Virginia) and Professor Nathan Oman (William & Mary Law School) titled "Democracy, Religion and Commerce: Private Markets and the Public Regulation of Religion).  Learn more.

April 17 - Professor Nathan Oman discussed the U.K. Supreme Court's recent decision in Russia's $3 billion bond dispute with Ukraine  on the Clauses & Controversies podcast. The podcast is hosted by Professor Mitu Gulati (UVA) and Professor W. Mark C. Weidemaier (UNC).  Listen.

Dean A. Benjamin Spencer

February 7 -  The Flat Hat, the William & Mary student newspaper, featured Dean A. Benjamin Spencer in a story titled "'Civil Procedure Is What It's All About': Law School Dean Reflects on Career." Read the story.

Professor Timothy Zick

December 20 - Professor Timothy Zick is quoted in BNN Bloomberg story, "Trump’s Legal and Political Fate Rests With the Supreme Court He Shaped." Read the story.

November 13 - Slate published an essay by Professor Timothy Zick, "The Supreme Court Is Reconsidering Its Entire Approach to the Internet. Uh-Oh." Read the essay.

October 31- An article in the New York Times, "How Posters of Kidnapped Israelis Ignited a Firestorm on American Sidewalks," quoted Professor Timothy Zick on free speech and poster displays. Read the article.

June 26 - Professor Timothy Zick discussed his latest book, “Managed Dissent: The Law of Public Protest” and how the past few years of high-profile public protests and gatherings have altered the law, and may influence the next wave of public dissent. Read the Q&A.

June 23 - Slate published an essay by Professor Timothy Zick titled "Is the Supreme Court Ready to Walk Back Last Term's Historically Awful Guns Ruling?"  Read the essay.

April 20 - ​Professor Timothy Zick was among five legal scholars asked for their thoughts in story, "Legal Scholars Weigh In on the Lasting Significance of Dominion v. Fox." Read the story.

​April 12 - The Atlantic published an essay by Professor Timothy Zick titled "Making True Threats Is a Crime." Read the essay.

March 29 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Timothy Zick in a story titled "Rupert Murdoch Settles a Lot of Lawsuits. Why Not Dominion v. Fox News?" Read the story.

March 1 - An essay by Daniel Torday in The Atlantic quoted Professor Timothy Zick and Professor Diana Palmer of Northeastern University.  Read the essay titled "What Active Shooter Trainings Steal from Synagogues."

February 17 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Timothy Zick in story, "Fox News Feared Losing Viewers by Airing Truth About Election, Documents Show." Read the story.

January 13 - New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie cited Professor Timothy Zick and Diana Palmer in an essay titled "Why Must We Go About Our Lives with an Eye on the Nearest Exit?" Mr. Bouie quoted from their essay in The Atlantic titled "The Second Amendment Has Become a Threat to the First."  Read the New York Times column.