Faculty in the News



Adjunct Professor Rodney K. Adams

February - The Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law's February edition featured an article by Professor Rodney K. Adams and third-year law student Ledlie Crudele.  Read the article.

Professor Elizabeth Andrews

January 23 - Professor Elizabeth Andrews joined Skip Stiles of Wetlands Watch and other on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis for a program devoted to discussion (and citizens' calls) about the effects of sea level rise and storm surge on owning and renting property in Hampton Roads.  Listen to the discussion.

Professor Jeffrey Bellin

January 12 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in a Bloomberg article titled "Unpaid Jurors, Bare Evidence: The Cost of Courts Without Money."  Read the article.

Professor Nancy L. Combs

January 30 - The Hill published an op-ed by Professor Nancy L. Combs titled "International Criminal Court Comes of Age."  Read the op-ed.

Professor Neal Devins

March 13 - Tony Mauro and Marcia Coyle took note of the latest book by Professors Lawrence Baum and Neal Devins, "The Company They Keep: How Partisan Divisions Came to the Supreme Court," in the roundup "Supreme Court Books We're Reading."  Read the roundup.

March 2 - Professor Neal Devins was a guest on Flashpoint.  Listen to the show.

January 23 - In SCOTUSblog's "Ask the Authors" Q&A column, Ronald Collins talked to Professor Neal Devins and OSU Professor Lawrence Baum about their new book titled "The Company They Keep." According to the authors, the book "builds on our past work. It explains the nexus between Supreme Court decision-making and increasingly polarized elite social networks. It relatedly debunks claims that the justices follow public opinion." Read the Q&A.

January – Mark A. Graber reviewed a new book in “Washington Monthly” by Professor Neal Devins and OSU Professor Lawrence Baum titled “The Company They Keep”: "[The book] reminds us that today’s Supreme Court justices, far from calling balls and strikes, are very much in the game. And they’re playing to win.”  Read the review.

January 9 - The New York Daily News published an op-ed by Professor Neal Devins titled "What Trump Must Learn from Truman." Read the op-ed. Professor Devins is director of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law.

January 9 - Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (WHRV 89.5) hosted Professor Neal Devins and other guests for a show devoted to the political struggle behind the partial government shutdown and the shutdown's effect on Hampton Roads.  Listen.

Professor James Dwyer

January 8 - The Tennessee Court of Appeals recently cited Professor James Dwyer's article "Taxonomy of Children's Existing Rights" in In re Jonathan M.

Professor Adam Gershowitz

February 4 - "The State (Never) Rests," an article by Professors Adam Gershowitz and Laura Killinger was cited by a Houston Chronicle article about a request to increase the number of prosecutors in Harris County, Texas.  Read the full story.

Professor Rebecca Green 

March 1 - Co-Director of the Election Law Program Professor Rebecca Green was quoted in a story titled "Virginia' New Gerrymandering Reform Triggers Old Fears Among Black Officials."  Read the full story.

Professor Tara Leigh Grove

February 20 - The Inquirer quoted Professor Tara Leigh Grove in the story "Should Pa. Sue Trump Over National Emergency Declaration? Democratic States are Split."  Read the full story.

January 8 - Bloomberg Environment quoted Professor Tara Leigh Grove a story titled "Blue Wave Roils Environmental Lawsuits as States Turn to Courts." Read the story.

January 1 - Professor Tara Leigh Grove and University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Stephen Burbank discussed the history of judicial independence and the federal courts on the "Live at America's Town Hall" podcast with host Jeffrey Rosen.  Listen.

Professor Darian M. Ibrahim

March 5 - The New York Times quoted Professor Darian Ibrahim in a story, "Company Behind Florida Migrant Children Camp Drops IPO Plans."  Read the story.

Professor Eric A. Kades

February 24 - Professor Eric Kades joined the hosts of "Oral Argument" to talk about Piketty, dynastic wealth, and the concrete threats of inequality and what to do about it.  Listen to the podcast.

Professor Fredric I. Lederer

January - The ABA Journal quoted Professor Fredric I. Lederer, director of the Center for Legal and Court Technology, in a story titled "How Are Law Schools Using Virtual Reality Tools in the Classroom?" Read the story.

Professor Alan J. Meese

February 23 - Office Hours featured Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman discussing Market Forces.  Listen to the show.

Professor Nathan B. Oman

February 23 - Office Hours featured Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman discussing Market Forces.  Listen to the show.

Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec

January 25 & 26 - Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec organized a Junior Intellectual Property Scholars Association travling workshop.  Junior scholars from around the U.S. travelled to the Law School for the workshop.  Read more about the workshop.