Faculty in the News


Professor Peter A. Alces

January 31 - Professor Peter Alces's book The Law of Fraudulent Transactions was cited by the Court of Chancery of Delaware in its opinion to the case Richard F. Burkhart v. Genworth Financial, Inc. Read the opinion.

Professor Elizabeth Armistead Andrews 

July 1 - Professor Elizabeth Andrews was quoted by WHRO in the article "New Virginia Fund to Mitigate Flooding Takes Effect." Read the article.

February 13 - Professor Elizabeth Andrews was quoted in the NBC Washington article "Counties in Maryland and Virginia Vary on Building Restrictions in Flood Zones." Read the article.

Professor Jeffrey Bellin

September 17 - Aimee Ortiz of the New York Times quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in a story titled "Police or Prosecutor Misconduct Is at Root of Half of Exoneration Cases, Study Finds."  Read the story.

August 18 - The Virginian-Pilot quoted Professor Jeffrey Bellin in story, "Portsmouth (Va.) Police List City's Chief Prosecutor as a Witness to Monument Damage, Which Could Force Her Off the Case."  Read the story.

June 1 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin's article "The Evidence Rules that Convict the Innocent," was reviewed on Law360 and was the subject of an interview on the Ipse Dixit podcast. Read the review.

January 18 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in the Virginia-Pilot article "Judge Tosses Portsmouth Murder Case, Citing Double Jeopardy." Read the article.

January 5 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted in the article "Why Preventing Jury Selection Bias May Need A Fresh Look" in Law360 on the potential discriminatory application of peremptory challenges by attorneys selecting jurors. Read the article.

Adjunct Professor Jeffrey A. Breit

February 29 - Adjunct Professor of Law and Trial Team Coach Jeffrey Breit is the subject of the story "$4.5 Million. 16 Victims. How the Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Donations Were Divided" published in the Daily Press. Read the article.

Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl

April 25 - Professor Lawrence Solum chose scholarship by Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl as his April 25 Download of the Week. Read the post.

February 13 - The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals cited Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl's article "Deciding when to Decide: How Appellate Procedure Distributes the Costs of Legal Change" in its decision for Johnson v. Spencer. Read the opinion.

Professor Eric D. Chason

January 24 - Professor Eric Chason's article "Cryptocurrency Hard Forks and Revenue Ruling 2019-24" was reviewed by Professor Young Ran (Christine) Kim of the University of Utah for TaxProf BlogRead the review.

January 9 - "Cryptocurrency Hard Forks and Revenue Ruling 2019-24," by Professor Eric D. Chason, was a featured article on the TaxProf Blog. Read the article.

Professor Nancy Combs

June 12 - An interview with Professor Nancy Combs was broadcast on The World, a public radio program sponsored by PRXBBC, and WBGH, as part of a story titled "Trump escalates attacks on the International Criminal Court over Afghanistan investigation." Listen to the interview.

Professor Evan J. Criddle

February 28 - Professor Evan Criddle's article "A Fiduciary Theory of Jus Cogens," which appeared in the Yale Journal of International Law in 2009, was cited by the Supreme Court of Canada in Nevsun Res. Ltd. v. Araya, 2020 SCC 5 (37919). Read the opinion.

Professor Neal E. Devins

February 28 - "Congressional-Executive Information Access Disputes: A Modest Proposal - Do Nothing" by Professor Neal E. Devins, was cited in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in its opinion in Committee on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives v. McGahn. Read the opinion.

Adjunct Professor Frederick W. Dingledy

April 28 - Senior Reference Librarian and Adjunct Professor Fred Dingledy was the recipient of this year's Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award for his article "From Stele to Silicon: Publication of Statutes, Public Access to the Law, and the Uniform Electronic Material Act," published in the Law Library Journal. Read more.

Professor James Dwyer

August 14 - Professor James Dwyer and HLS Child Advocacy Program Director Elizabeth Bartholet featured in Q&A in Harvard Law Today titled "Will Online Schooling Increase Child Abuse Risks?"  Read the Q&A.

April 23 - The Tennessee Court of Appeals cited Professor James G. Dwyer's 2003 article "A Taxonomy of Children's Existing Rights in State Decision Making About Their Relationships" in In re Jeremiah S.No. W2019-00610-COA-R3-PT, 2020 WL 1951880 at *9 (Tenn. Ct. App. 2020). Read the article.

April - Professor James Dwyer's 2019 co-authored book, Homeschooling: The History and Philosophy of a Controversial Practice (Chicago University Press), was favorably reviewed in Education Review and is the subject of an episode of the podcast Off-Trail Learning. Listen to the podcast.

January 21 - The Tennessee Court of Appeals cited Professor James Dwyer's 2003 article "A Taxonomy of Children's Existing Rights in State Decision Making About Their Relationships" in In re Aubrie W., No. E2019-00862-COA-R3-PT, 2020 WL 360504 at *6 (Tenn. Ct. App. 2020). Read the article.

Professor Adam Gershowitz

June 10 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was quoted in a WYDaily article about the importance of creating a citizen review board to monitor local police departments. Read the article.

May 27 - Virginia Public Media spoke to Professor Adam Gershowitz for a story on Virginia's new mask rule. Read the story.

Professor Rebecca Green

August 21 - New Yorker writer Eric Lach quoted Professor Rebecca Green in his story titled "What Happens if Donald Trump Fights the Election Results?" Read the story.

April 24 - Professor Rebecca Green joined other experts for SCOTUSblog's new online symposium before oral argument in Chiafalo v. Washington and Colorado Department of State v. Baca. Other contributors included Paul Smith and Adav Noti of the Campaign Legal Center, Paul Swedlund, Attorney General of South Dakota, and others. Read more.

January 15 - "Redistricting Amendment is Progress for Virginia," an essay by Professor Rebecca Green, was published in the Virginian-Pilot. Read the essay.

Professor Kevin S. Haeberle

February 13 - Professor Kevin S. Haeberle has had an article selected for republication in the Securities Law Review. Published by Thompson Reuters, the Securities Law Review typically selects the top eight to ten articles of the year in the securities area, as determined by its editors. Professor Haeberle’s article, “Information Asymmetry and the Protection of Ordinary Investors” was also selected for presentation at the Yale/Harvard/Stanford Junior Faculty Workshop in 2019. Read more. The article was originally published in the UC Davis Law Review, vol. 53. Read his article.

Professor Vivian Hamilton

February 10 - Professor Vivian Hamilton was quoted in the article "Will the Equal Rights Amendment cross the finish line? Three questions." Read the article.

Professor Darian Ibrahim

February 13 - Professor Darian M. Ibrahim has had an article selected for republication in the Securities Law Review. Published by Thompson Reuters, the Securities Law Review typically selects the top eight to ten articles of the year in the securities area, as determined by its editors. Professor Ibrahim’s article, “Public or Private Venture Capital?" appeared in the Washington Law Review, vol. 94. Read his article.

Professor Christina Marie Jones

February 19 - Professor Christina Marie Jones was quoted in the article "Series Explores Lived Experiences Around Ability and Disability," by Erin Zagursky. Professor Jones, who directs the PELE Special Education Advocacy Law Clinic, spoke about the fundamentality of disability rights and her participation in the Daily Works of Justice small group conversation series. Read the article.

Professor Allison Orr Larsen

September 21 - Professor Allison Orr Larsen talked to reporter Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal about the effects of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death on the Supreme Court docket in the story, “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Puts Spotlight on Affordable Care Act.”  Read the story (subscription required).

August 11 - W&M Law announced the appointment of Professor Allison Orr Larsen as director of the Institute of Bill of Rights Law. Read the story.

January 1 - An article byProfessor Allison Orr Larsen and Professor Jeffrey Fisher of Stanford titled, "Virtual Briefing at the Supreme Court" (read it on SSRN) was among Legal Theory Blog's "downloads of the year 2019." Go to the list.

Professor Frederic Lederer

February - The ABA Judges' Journal featured an article by Professor Frederic Lederer in their February 2020 issue devoted to artificial intelligence. The article is titled "Here There Be Dragons: The Likely Interaction of Judges with the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem" and was featured on the ABA website. Read the article.

Professor Myrisha S. Lewis

October 1 – The Hill published an opinion essay by Professor Myrisha S. Lewis titled “Fostering States as Laboratories.” Read the opinion.

Professor Paul Marcus

March 6 - The Sixth Circuit cited and quoted Professor Paul Marcus's 1992 article "Criminal Conspiracy Law: Time to Turn Back from an Ever Expanding, Even More Troubling Area" from Volume 1 of the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal in its opinion in United States v. Hamm. Read the opinion.

January 17 - The Iowa Supreme Court cited Professor Paul Marcus's Minnesota Law Review article "United States Supreme Court (Mostly) Gives Up Its Review Role" in the case State v. KuhseNo. 18-0765, slip op. at *18 n.6 (Iowa Jan. 17, 2020) (Appel, J., concurring). Read the opinion.

Professor Tom McSweeney

July 6 - Professor Tom McSweeney spent the fall of 2019 studying the history of the common law and legal education at the University of Cambridge, where he got to know fellow William & Mary professor Brent Allred, who was a Visiting Fellow in business at the same college, Clare Hall. Read about their time at Clare Hall.

Professor Nathan Oman

April 7 - The Maryland Court of Special Appeals cited and quoted Professor Nathan Oman's 2011 Utah Law Review article How to Judge Shari'a Contracts in the case Nouri v. Dadgar Nos. 585 & 2273, slip op. at 2-4, 25-27 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. April 7, 2020). Read the opinion.

Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec

April 16 - Bloomberg Law quoted Professor Sarah Rajec in the article "Federal Circuit Court Opinions Surge as Virus Worries Cancel Arguments" on the changes to judicial decision-making arising out of coronavirus court closures and the potential effects for future litigation. Read the article.

January 13 - Professor Sarah R. Wasserman Rajec was quoted by Bloomberg Law in the article "Federal Court Judge Signals to SCOTUS Need to Check PTAB (1)," about Federal Circuit Judge Pauline Newman's dissent from a denial of a full-court rehearing of a patent case. Read the article.

Dean A. Benjamin Spencer

Fall 2020 - Dean A. Benjamin Spencer talked about his life, family and the Law School’s bright future in a new video. Watch it.

Fall 2020 - Virginia Business selected Dean A. Benjamin Spencer among the Commonwealth's top leaders in law in its inaugural issue of "Virginia 500:  The 2020 Power List."  Read the edition.  

September 1 - Law360 quoted Dean Spencer in an article titled "Delaware:  An Elite Legal Venue Struggling with Inclusivity."  Read the story.  (Subscription required)

August 20 - Bloomberg Law quoted Dean A. Benjamin Spencer in a story titled "Civil Rule Proposal Could Streamline Social Security Reviews." Read the story.

July 31 - Army Reserve News featured Dean A. Benjamin Spencer in a story titled "In Pursuit of Excellence: Army Reserve Lawyer First Black Dean of Country's Oldest Law School."

May 21 - National Law Journal featured Dean A. Benjamin Spencer in a story titled "Hired Over  Zoom, Incoming Dean Takes the Helm in Unprecedented Times." 

May 18 -  A. Benjamin Spencer, a nationally renowned civil procedure and federal courts expert and current professor of law at the University of Virginia, has been selected as the next dean of the Law School.  Professor Spencer will be William & Mary’s first African-American dean of any school at the university, including the law school. Read the press release.

Numerous media outlets carried the news, including, for example, Above the Law, American Law Institute, Associated Press, Association of American Law Schools, BET.com, Diverse Education, The Grio, Law.com, Philadelphia Tribune, Richmond Free Press, Seattle Post Intelligencer, U.S. News.com, Virginia Gazette, Virginia Lawyers Weekly and Washington Post.

Professor James Y. Stern

January - Boston University Law Review's online symposium features a series of responses to the article "Right on Time: First Possession in Property and Intellectual Property," by Professor James Y. Stern and co-author Dotan Oliar. Read the responses.

Professor Leslie A. Street

April 28 - Library Director and Clinical Professor for Legal Research Leslie Street co-authored an amicus brief signed by over 100 law librarians and five library organizations in support of the Respondent's position in Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org. Read more.

Adjunct Professor of Law Roderick Young

May 7 - President Trump announced his intention to nominate Adjunct Professor Roderick Young to serve as a judge on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Read more.

Professor Timothy Zick

September 11 - Professor Timothy Zick quoted in story in Reuters titled "Free Speech, Gun Rights on Collision Course in U.S., Some Legal Experts Say."  Read the story.

August 9 - The Atlantic quoted Professor Timothy Zick in a story titled "The Whole Concept of 'Unlawful Assembly' Is a Mess." Read the story.

July 12 - Vox quoted Professor Timothy Zick in story "Goya Foods' Free Speech Controversy Explained." Read the story.

June 8 - Professor Timothy Zick was quoted in the story "Chinese Media Focus on Violence in US Protests, Missing Part of the Story" on VOA News. Read the story.

June 2- CNN spoke to Professor Timothy Zick for story, "If You're Planning to Take Part in Protests, Know Your Rights. Read This." Read more.

May 29 - Professor Tim Zick spoke to Mashable's tech editor for story, "The real goal of Trump's executive order: Pressure Twitter and Facebook to let him do whatever he wants." Read the story.

April 17 - The U.S. District Court for New Mexico cited Professor Timothy Zick's 2012 article "Recovering the Assembly Clause" in Legacy Church, Inc. v. Kunkel. This case related to COVID-19 restrictions and freedom of assembly. Read the article.

April 14 - Professor Timothy Zick and Professor Tabatha Abu El-Haj of the Thomas R. Kline School of Law at Drexel University co-authored a "Brief of First Amendment Scholars as Amicus Curiae in Support of Petitioner," for the Supreme Court case Mckesson v. Doe. Read more.

March 31 - The U.S. District Court for New Mexico cited and quoted Professor Timothy Zick's 2004 article "Statehood as the New Personhood" in the case State v. McAleenan. This was a refugee case was brought against the Trump administration. Read the article.

March 24 - Professor Timothy Zick was quoted in the story "Limitations on Gathering Size to Slow Spread of Coronavirus Prompts First Amendment Questions." Read the article.

February 5 - The Virginia Mercury article "Would Virginia's red flag law withstand constitutional scrutiny? In other states, similar laws already have" quoted Professor Timothy Zick on the potential legal challenges to red flag laws and the procedural protections that would help such laws hold up in court. Read the article.

January 17 - Professor Timothy Zick appeared on an episode of the podcast Good Law Bad Law to discuss his recent book, The First Amendment in the Trump Era, with host Aaron Freiwald, as well as the state of facts and truth in modern democracy. Listen to the episode.