The Citizen-Lawyer Award for Professional Accomplishment is given by the William & Mary Law School Association to recognize outstanding public and legal service.

The John Marshall Prize is given for deep devotion and outstanding service to the Law School. The recipient is a member of the Law School faculty, administration, or staff who, through traits of character, leadership and a spirit of selfless service to the Law School community, embodies the principles of John Marshall.

The St. George Tucker Adjunct Professor of Law is given for outstanding service as an adjunct professor. The recipient is a member of the Law School adjunct faculty and is selected by nomination from the Law School community.

The Thurgood Marshall Award is presented to the member or members of the Law School community, whether student, faculty, friend, or alumnus, who most clearly demonstrate the ideals of distinguished public service exemplified by Justice Marshall.

The Walter L. Williams, Jr., Memorial Teaching Award is given to the faculty member selected by the graduating class as an outstanding teacher.

The W. Taylor Reveley Award is given by the William & Mary Law School Association for outstanding commitment to public service by an alumnus or alumna of the Law School who has graduated within the previous 10 years.

The Marshall-Wythe Medallion is awarded by the faculty to outstanding leaders from the bench, bar and academy. Previous recipients include Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.; Justice Warren E. Burger; Professor Guido Calebresi; Lloyd N. Cutler; Judge Harry T. Edwards; Kenneth R. Feinberg; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Prof. H.L.A. Hart; Oliver W. Hill; Justice Sandra D. O'Connor; Justice Thurgood Marshall; and Judge Richard Posner.