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Come join us! What's below is just a partial list of what's on our calendar.  A complete list can be found on our Events page.  Heard about an event but don't see it listed? Please let us know in the [[m|jpwelc,Office of Law School Communications]] and we'll help you find the information you're looking for.

Spring 2017

March 1: Cutler Lecture by Professor Reva Siegel of Yale Law School

February 24: Journal of Women and the Law Symposium on Human Trafficking

February 23:  Black Law Students Association Annual Race and the Law Symposium

February 17 & 18: Law Review and Election Law Program Symposium on 2020 Redistricting

February 11: Environmental Law and Policy Review Symposium on Nuclear Energy

January 27: Fifth Annual Alumnae Leadership Conference

Fall 2016

November 16 - Dan Kahan (Dunn Speaker Series)

November 9-11 - William & Mary Tax Conference

November 4 - Islamic Law: A Partner in the Fight Against Violent Extremism & Islamophobia (a symposium sponsored by the Comparative Legal Student Scholars, the Center for Comparative Legal Studies and Post Conflict Peacebuilding, the International Law Society, and the William & Mary Muslim Students Association)

November 1 - Molly Ward J.D. '87, "Future Environmental Challenges Facing the Commonwealth" (sponsored by the Virginia Coastal Policy Center and the Muscarelle Museum of Art)

November 1 - Kimberly D. Krawiec, "Law and Taboo Markets" (sponsored by the Center for the Study of Law and Markets)

October 6 - David Baugh, "Lynching, Literacy Tests, & ID Cards: The Suppression of Women and Minority Voters"

October 4 - Joint lecture by Elizabeth Andrews and Peggy Sanner, "The Commonwealth’s Efforts to Address Sea Level Rise and Restore the Chesapeake Bay"

September 26 - Mark A. Lemley, "The Surprising Resilience of the Patent System" (Mervis Lecture)

September 22 - Linda Greenhouse, "Telling it Like it Is: Abortion, Voter ID, and the Increasing Willingness of Courts to Call Out Legislatures for Acting in Bad Faith” (Dunn Speaker Series)

September 23: Neal Katyal, “Institutionalizing Dissent” (Constitution Day Lecture, sponsored by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law)

September 23-24: Supreme Court Preview (sponsored by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law)