William and Mary Law School

Conferences and Lectures

A world of speakers, a world of topics.

The Law School hosts well over 50 speakers each year -- an average of over two a week.  They run the gamut, from the prominent outside senior scholars who deliver named lectures (Cutler, Wythe), to young scholars with fresh perspectives who participate in our conferences (Brigham Kanner, Supreme Court Preview), to our own faculty (Blackstone, St. George Tucker).  In addition to academics, judges, practicing lawyers, and public figures frequently appear as lecturers and conference panelists.  Although some of these events have a fixed subject matter, others are limited only the intellectual imagination of the participants.  Whatever area of the law interests you, chances are that over the course of a year, one of our speakers will address it.  All lectures and conferences are open to students. Those who attend invariably have the opportunity to talk with speakers on an informal basis at post-event receptions or meals.