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July 3 - Recent work of Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman is cited in a PrawfsBlawg article, "Two Kinds of Federalism in Hobby Lobby: Does state corporate law define federal free exercise rights?" Read the story.

July 2 - The Wall Street Journal quoted Professors Neal Devins and Tara Grove in "Boehner Lawsuit Against Obama Administration Has Hurdles to Clear." Read the story.

June 26 - The Supreme Court cited Professor Adam Gershowitz in its ruling on warrantless cellphone searches. Read the story.

June 26 - "Suprising Unanimity, Surprising Clarity": Professor Adam Gershowitz wrote about the cellphone case as a guest of SCOTUSblog's symposium. Read his essay.

June 26 - Mashable.com interviewed Professor Adam Gershowitz for the article titled "Why the Supreme Court Cell Phone Ruling Is a Really Big Deal." Read the story.

June 25 - Bloomberg BNA quoted Professor Adam Gershowitz in its story titled "Digital Data Entitled to Greater Privacy Than 'Physical Items," Supreme Court Says. Read the story.

June 25 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was interviewed on WBUR (NPR Boston) on the Supreme Court's ruling on two cellphone search cases. Listen to the interview.

June 21 - Virginia Gazette columnist Frank Shatz interviewed Dean Davison M. Douglas for a column on civil rights and civil disobedience in the 1960s. Read the column.

June 19 - Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman discussed a number of issues concerning the Hobby Lobby case currently before the Supreme Court. Watch the video.

June 17 - TEDx announced on Twitter that Professor Tara Grove's talk titled "The Executive's Duty to Enforce" was among six videos chosen as the Editor's Picks of the Week. Watch the video.

June 2 - In Truthonthemarket.com, Thom Lambert wrote that Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman offer an "epic takedown"of the corporate law professor amici in the pair's recent Harvard Law Review Forum article on the Hobby Lobby case. Read the post.

May 28 - The Supreme Court's "Polar Vision": An article by Professor Neal Devins and Ohio State University Professor Lawrence Baum was cited in a New York Times op-ed article by Linda Greenhouse. Read the op-ed article.

May 28 - Professor Patricia Roberts was interviewed on camera for the WVEC.com (ABC, Channel 13) story titled "William & Mary Law Students Help Vets Claim Benefits."

May 27 - Ed Whelan in "Bench Memos" (National Review Online) took note of the "excellent and comprehensive law review article" in Harvard Law Review Forum by Professor Alan J. Meese and Professor Nathan B. Oman (titled "Hobby Lobby, Corporate Law, and the Theory of the Firm").

May 20 - Professor Neal Devins was interviewed by Kathleen Dunn of Wisconsin Public Radio on the topic of the Supreme Court's division along party lines.  Read the story titled "U.S. Supreme Court Has Never Been So Divided, Says Professor" and listen to the interview.

May 20 - Professors Alan J. Meese and Nathan B. Oman rebut the Administration's SCOTUS claims on religion and corporations in the Harvard Law Review Forum. Read "Hobby Lobby, Corporate Law, and the Theory of the Firm: Why For-Profit Corporations Are RFRA Persons." The article was excerpted by The Volokh Conspiracy (May 20, The Washington Post) and noted on First Things (The Institute on Religion and Public Life), ProfessorBainbridge.com, Acton Institute Power Blog, The Originalism Blog, and SCOTUSblog.

May 20 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted by the Richmond Times-Dispatch in the story titled "McDonnells Lose Bids for Separate Trials."

May 12 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted in the USA Today story titled "Justices' Jabs Reveal Ideological, Partisan Splits."

May 10 - Adam Liptak of the New York Times cited a study by Professor Neal Devins and Professor Emeritus Larry Baum of Ohio State University in a column titled "The Polarized Court." The ABA Journal posted a story about the column on May 12 on its site titled "Partisan Split on Supreme Court Is Extraordinary by Historical Standards, Study Says."

May 8 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was a guest of 1140 WRVA Radio in Richmond and discussed the Fourth Amendment, the nation's borders, and the misconceptions about "Constitution-Free Zones."  Listen to the interview.

April 29 - Professor Adam Gershowitz joined in a discussion about "Search, Seizure, and Cellphones" as a guest on NPR radio in Boston (On Point with Tom Ashbrook). Professor Gershowitz was joined by other guests, including Jacob Gershman of the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog. Listen to the discussion.

April 29 - Professor Adam Gershowitz discussed the gathering and use of cellphone data on Mashable.com in the story titled "Supreme Court to Decide If Cops Can Search Cellphones Without Warrants."

April 29 - The Guardian Liberty Voice quoted Professor Vivian Hamilton in the story titled "Marrying Too Early: Considerations for Raising the Legal Marriage Age."

April 28 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted by The Virginian-Pilot about the advantages and disadvantages of multiple trials  in the story titled "Lawyer: Eastern Shore Arson Suspect Granted 62 Trials."

April 27 - The New York Times quoted Professor Adam Gershowitz in the story titled "Supreme Court Taking Up Police Searches of Data Troves Known as Cellphones." Read the story. The story also was featured on CNBC.com.

April 17 - Professor Christie Warren, director of the Program in Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding, was quoted in a story about two recent guests of the program, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the Supreme Court and Justice (ret.) Richard Goldstone of South Africa. Read the story titled "Justices Kennedy and Goldstone Discuss Constitutions, Old and New, at the Law School."

April 17 - WYDaily.com quoted Professor Patricia Roberts, director of Clinical Programs, in the story titled "W&M Law School's Puller Clinic Leads Nation in Serving Veterans." Read the story.

April 10 - CNN.com quoted Professor Allison Orr Larsen in a story titled "Has the Roberts Court Placed Landmark 1964 Civil Rights Law on a Hit List?" Read the story.

April 10 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin's "eHearsay" exception is being considered by a federal committee. Read the story.

April 8 - Professor Patricia Roberts, director of Clinical Programs, was quoted in a story about the first National Conference on Law Clinics Serving Veterans, hosted by the Law School, in Washington, D.C., on April 3-4.  Read the story.

April 8 - The Deseret News featured an opinion essay by Professor Nathan B. Oman titled "Gay marriage boycotts are not good for the economy." Read the essay.

April 2 - Professor Rebecca Green, co-director of the Election Law Program, is faculty advisor to the Election Law Society. Members of the society were in the news for teaming up with the Williamsburg Bar Association for the Revive My Vote project.  The project seeks to help Virginians with prior felony convictions who are eligible to have their voting rights restored. Locally, WYDaily.com published a story about it. An Associated Press story about the project appeared in numerous outlets such as the Houston Chronicle, myFoxdc.com, PilotOnline.com, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post Intelligencer, the Virginian-Pilot, and the Washington Post.

April 1 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was quoted in a story in the ABA Journal titled "Low-Tech Court to Weigh Police Search of Smartphones." Read the story.

March 31 - Professor Susan S. Grover, currently a University Professor for Teaching Excellence, was named the university's vice provost for academic and faculty affairs. Professor Grover has served in a number of campus-wide leadership roles at William & Mary. She will assume her new responsibilities July 1. Read the announcement.

March 29 - Professor Andrew Larsen, an attorney and adjunct faculty member at the Law School, was quoted by the Virginia Gazette in the story titled "Athlete Unionization Doubtful in Virginia, Other Right to Work States." Read the story.

March 27 - Bloomburg BNA Toxics Law Reporter quoted Professor Linda Malone in a special report about the legal hurdles facing Ecuadorean villagers who wish to collect a $9.5 billion judgement against Chevron Corp. ordered by a court in Ecuador. Read the report.

March 18 - A story in the Virginian-Pilot titled "Va. Benefits Law Won't Help Same-Sex Military Couples" quoted Professor Allison Orr Larsen. Read the story.

March 14 - Virginia Lawyers Media announced that it will honor Professor Susan Grover among its list of "Influential Women of Virginia" at an awards dinner on May 22. Read the story.

March 13 - Professor Tillman J. Breckenridge, managing attorney of the Appellate and Supreme Court Clinic, was quoted by the Philadelphia City Paper in the story titled "U.S. Citizens Score Legal Victories After ICE Detention." Read the story.

March 6 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was quoted in the Daily Press (Va.) story titled "Juror Selection in Capital Cases Can Be More Difficult." Read the story.

March 2 - The Daily Press (Va.) quoted Professor Adam Gershowitz in a story titled "Newport News Death Penalty Case Bucks Trend of Fewer Capital Prosecutions." Read the article.

February 20 - The Richmond Times-Dispatch published an editorial by Professor James Dwyer titled "Let's change marriage law the right way." Read the editorial.

February 19 - The ABA Journal took note of Professor Adam Gershowitz's course and textbook on "The Wire" in the journal's Question of the Week: "Have you ever had a law prof use TV or film to illustrate a concept?" Read the article.

February 18 - Professor James Dwyer was a guest on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM), NPR's Norfolk, Va., affiliate, and discussed the issue of same-sex marriage in Virginia and in other states through the lens of constitutional law.  Listen to the interview (opens .mp3 file; interview starts around 35.35 minutes into the recording).

February 17 - Professor Allison Orr Larsen was quoted in a Daily Press (Va.) article titled "Virginia Gay Marriage Ban Gets Split Reception." Read the story.

February 14 - Professor James Dwyer was quoted by the Virginia Gazette in a story titled "Williamsburg Activists Hail Ruling Against Gay Marriage Ban: Both Sides Say Matter Will Wind Up in U.S. Supreme Court." Read the story.

February 14 - The Washington Post quoted Professor Fredric I. Lederer in a story titled "Alleged Military Sex Assault Victims Seek to Block Use of Counseling Records." Read the story.

February 13 - The Virginia Gazette reported on a mock trial created to teach youngsters about court proceedings that was developed by Professor Frederic I. Lederer in a story titled "Students Find Goldilocks Guilty in Mock Fairytale Trial at W&M Law School." Read the story.

February 13 - The Daily Press (Va.) quoted Professor Adam Gershowitz on prosecutorial discretion in an editorial, "The Wrong Call: James City Sexting Case Reveals Need for Legal Discretion and Education." Read the editorial.

February 12 -Professor Adam Gershowitz was quoted in the Virginia Gazette about prosecutorial discretion in case of Virginia teen's explicit tweeting.

February 6 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin is the featured legal expert in a Newsweek story on the Fifth Amendment, immunity, and the George Washington Bridge lane closure probe titled "Will Taking the Fifth Save Christie's Sidekicks?" Read the article.

February 6 - The Jurist published an op-ed by Professor James Dwyer titled "The Ever-Shrinking Case for a Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage." Read the op-ed.

January 24 - Professor Adam Gershowitz was quoted by the Daily Press (Va.) in an article titled "Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, wife released pending trial." Read the story.

January 23 - Professor Allison Orr Larsen was recognized as an early career "Rising Star" among this year's recipients of the Commonwealth's highest honor for faculty. Read the W&M announcement and view the video. Read the announcement in the Washington Post.

January 23 -Professor Allison Orr Larsen was interviewed by WAVY (TV) 10 (Hampton Roads, Va.) and asked to provide a legal perspective on Va. Attorney General Mark Herring's announcement that he will not defend the Commonwealth's ban on same-sex marriage. Watch the video.

January 14 - The American Prospect quoted Professor Timothy Zick in an article titled "Rebuffing the Zones? The Supreme Court's Conservative Justices Could Be Poised to Roll Back Protections Against Harassment Outside Abortion Clinics." Read the article.  Zick joined an amicus curiae brief with several other leading First Amendment scholars in McCullen v. Coakley. Click here to read the brief.

January 13 - Slate featured an opinion piece by Professor Neal Devins titled "​Counsel Rests: Why Did Mitch McConnell - Not the Senate's Lawyer - Participate in Monday's Recess Appointments Case at the Supreme Court?" Read the opinion piece.