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Angela Banks

February 2 - Professors Angela Banks and Nathan Oman, whose research and teaching concern immigration law and religious freedom, published an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Read the editorial.

January 13 - Professor Angela Banks participated in a Q&A session on immigration law and other issues facing the United States. Read her responses.

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Jeffrey Bellin

January 12 - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was quoted by The Virginian-Pilot story, "Anthony Burfoot's Attorney Asks for a New Trial, Says Jurors Rushed to Judgment." Read the story

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Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

March 2 - Bloomberg BNA talked to Professor Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl for a three-part series examining the prospects for enactment of federal litigation reform in 2017. Read the story

Neal Devins

March 6 - Professor Neal Devins joined HearSay With Cathy Lewis to discuss news from the Supreme Court and the legal road ahead for the Gavin Grimm case. Listen to the interview (Professor Devins starts around 36:09 of the recording).

February 1 - Professor Neal Devins talked to Bloomberg Law about President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court. Listen to the audio.

January 31 - Professor Neal Devins and Ohio State Professor of Political Science Lawrence Baum published an essay in Slate titled "Federalist Court." Read the story.

January 21 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted in the USA Today story, "Supreme Court Unlikely to Overturn Abortion Rights Anytime Soon." Read the story.

January 20 - The Cipher Brief published a Q&A with Professor Neal Devins on how much authority a modern president actually has. Read the Q&A

January 18 - Professor Neal Devins was quoted in the Associated Press story, "North Carolina Business Increasingly Refereed with a Gavel." Read the story.

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Tara Leigh Grove

February 11 - Bloomberg Politics quoted Professor Tara Leigh Grove in the story, "Fixing Trump Executive Order’s Legal Problems Is No Easy Task." Read the story.

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Vivian E. Hamilton

March 13 - The New York Times interviewed Professor Vivian Hamilton for a story about child marriages in the state of New York. In the story, Professor Hamilton discussed the high rate of divorce among those who marry as teens: Nearly 70 percent of marriages involving those under 18 end in divorce. Read the story

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Allison Orr Larsen

February 1 - Professor Allison Orr Larsen spoke on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (89.5 FM Norfolk) about Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court. Listen to the segment

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Paul Marcus

March - A video of Professor Paul Marcus' Presidential Address to the Association of American Law Schools, titled "Access to Justice," was published in AALS News. Watch the address.

February - Professor Paul Marcus, president of the Association of American Law Schools, was a guest on the NCSC Court Talk podcast. He discussed the continued importance of the study of law, challenges facing legal education today, the role of law schools in providing legal assistance to those in need through clinics and pro bono endeavors, and more. Listen to the podcast.

January 20 - National Jurist has named Professor Paul Marcus to its annual list of the “Most Influential People in Legal Education.” Learn more about this recognition.

January 6 - An AALS press released announced Professor Paul Marcus's induction as President of that organization. Professor Marcus will serve alongside Wendy Collins Perdue, Dean, University of Richmond School of Law, Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, University of California, Irvine School of Law School, and Camille Nelson, Dean, American University Washington College of Law.

January 5 - Professor Paul Marcus was quoted in the National Law Journal story, “Law Students Performed 2.2 Million Pro Bono Hours Last Year." Read the story.

January 3 - Professor Paul Marcus was interviewed by National Law Journal about his goals as incoming AALS President. In the Q&A, Professor Marcus discussed initiatives including the AALS President's Program on Diversity and the "Before the J.D." Project. Read the column.

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Nathan Oman

February 2 - Professors Nathan Oman and Angela Banks, whose research and teaching concern immigration law and religious freedom, published an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Read the editorial

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Patricia Roberts

February 4 - The ABA Journal quoted Professor Patricia Roberts in the story, "How Lawyers Can Increase Veterans' Access to Legal Services." Read the story.

January 10 - Newsmax.com quoted Professor Patricia Roberts, director of the Puller Clinic, in a story titled "Trump's Plan to Reform the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs." The article also takes note of the recently formed National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium. Read the story.

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Timothy Zick

January 23 - Professor Timothy Zick spoke with Bloomberg Law about proposed bills in five U.S. states regarding public protest. Listen to the broadcast.

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