Student Organizations

William & Mary law students do more than just study.

They participate widely in a variety of extra-curricular activities and in doing so, develop their leadership skills, promote community spirit, perform public service, create educational opportunities, and, sometimes just have fun.

Numerous events are sponsored by our student organizations annually. For many of these events, law students orchestrate opportunities to meet and interact with local, state and nationally renowned individuals – experts in their field. With other events, student organizations promote and demonstrate altruism and dedication to the greater good -- in other words, the citizen lawyer qualities on which this law school was founded.

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is our student government organization. As such, it functions as the umbrella organization for all student groups within the Law School and is the liaison between the groups and the Law School Administration, approves the budgets and facilitates additional funding for special events.

Student Organization resources: 

Student Organization Handbook (this is from the Office of Student Leadership Development and may not all be relevant to Law School organizations)

Law School Student Organization Handbook

Student Organization Mandatory Meeting PowerPoint

Student Organization Form

Tips Training Information

Patio Reservation Form

Room Reservation Form

Current Student Organization Leadership

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