Dean's Office

members of the dean's office team
Davison Douglas Davison M. Douglas
Dean and John Stewart Bryan Professor of Jurisprudence
Office phone: (757) 221-3790
Office location: Room 108
Patricia Roberts Patricia E. Roberts
Vice Dean, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs,
and Co-Director of the Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic
Office phone: (757) 221-3821
Office location: Room 107A
Professor Aaron-Andrew Bruhl Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
and Professor of Law
Email: [[w|apbruhl]]
Office phone: (757) 221-3148
Office location: Room 209
Dan Scianandre Dan Scianandre
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Office phone: (757) 221-1514
Office location: Room 107B
Dean Shepherd Laura Shepherd
Associate Dean for Student Services
Office phone: (757) 221-1856
Office location: Room 105


Cassi Fritzius Cassi Fritzius
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Office phone: (757) 221-3790
Office location: Room 108
Tiffany Goodman

Tiffany R. Goodman
Assistant Registrar
Office phone: (757) 221-2493
Office location: Room 101

Betta Labanish

Betta Labanish
Administrative Assistant
Office phone: (757) 221-1464
Office location: Room 100

Sara McNeil

Sara McNeil
Office Manager
Office phone: (757) 221-1423
Office location: Room 113

Donna Shelton Donna Shelton
Law School Registrar
Office phone: (757) 221-7485
Office location: Room 104