The Legal Advantage Program

An Introduction to the Study of American Law (Law 250)

William & Mary Law School will again be offering our popular Legal Advantage Program during the summer of 2021. This program is open to all students admitted to the William & Mary LL.M. Program in the American Legal System and is a superb introduction for the student or lawyer who has been educated abroad and would like to be well prepared for the rigorous demands of LL.M. study. The English language portion of the program is also open to any graduate student who has been accepted to the College of William & Mary.  Other students will be considered on an individual basis. Legal Advantage 2017

This program will be held from July 19 through August 13, 2021 and will provide international students with an excellent introduction to their legal studies and assist them with improvement of their English speaking, listening, comprehension and writing skills.  It also offers students the opportunity to come to Williamsburg before the beginning of the LL.M. Program to allow additional time to adjust to the American culture.

The Legal Advantage Program (Law 250) will include an introduction to the study of American law introducing students to American legal concepts and institutions.  Students will learn the common law method and case analysis through coursework in substantive areas of U.S. law.  The course emphasizes critical reading and effective speaking and writing in English.  The course will also place emphasis on legal communication to increase your English fluency and confidence in the classroom.  Note: A legal writing course is a requirement of the LL.M. degree program and will be taken during the LL.M. first semester.  

Students who successfully complete the pass/fail Law 250 course will earn 3 credits towards the New York Bar Examination's requirement for coursework in American Legal Studies.  For William & Mary LL.M. students, these credits will also count toward their degree requirements.

The estimated cost for participation in the Legal Advantage Program is:

  1. Tuition:  $3,753
  2. Registration fee: $25
  3. Housing in the Graduate Student Complex (air conditioned with cooking facilities) - $ 35** per day (estimate)
  4. Health Insurance - $400 (for July 2021 coverage)**

**These are estimated costs and those who enroll in this program will be notified of the actual charges when they become available.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting program, please complete and submit the application by May 1, 2021. (Note: LL.M. alumni highly recommend that international students from countries governed by civil law take the Legal Advantage Program.)  Please contact Professor Jen Stevenson at, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Director, LL.M. Program & Professor of the Practice, with any questions you may have.

The deadline to enroll is May 1.

* This course will be held subject to a minimum number of attendees.