LLM Degree Requirements

LL.M. Degree Program


Classroom LLM 

Credit Hours Required                                                                   

  • 24 (or an additional 10 credits for a minimum total of 34 credit hours, if a student seeks the LL.M. degree with an Advanced Specialization as described below).
  • Students enrolling full-time must register for a minimum of 9 credits per semester and may not register for more than 17 credits in any one semester.

Length of Program

  • This program must be completed within four consecutive semesters for students enrolling full-time (or six consecutive semesters for students enrolling full-time, if a student seeks the LL.M. with an Advanced Specialization as described below). For students not enrolled full-time for good cause, the length of program will be decided in consultation with the Vice Dean.

Courses Required 

  • Although students may choose their own coursework, most LL.M. students choose to take first-year J.D. courses including Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts.  Students who wish to sit for a state bar examination should review these requirements carefully and select courses that will meet the state's application requirements.
  • Legal research and Writing (2 credits) is a required course and should be taken in the first semester of the LL.M. Program.
  • For the LL.M. Degree with Advanced Specialization, in addition to the course work described above, students will select courses from specific areas of law including business law, constitutional law, criminal law, intellectual property law, international law and justice, and methods of dispute resolution. In additional to the minimum 24 credits required for the LL.M. degree, an additional minimum of 10 credit hours must be taken in the area of specialization (for a minimum total of 34 credits). Students who meet these requirements will receive their LL.M. degree with a designation that they have an "Advanced Specialization" in a subject-matter area.

Grade Point Average

  • LL.M. degree candidates must earn a final cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to earn the LL.M. Degree and must pass any pass-fail classes if those credits are needed to meet the minimum required credits to graduate with the LL.M. degree.

Grading Policies

  • Please reference the grading policy page to review grading options.
  • LL.M. students may elect in any semester, to be graded on an Honors/Pass/Fail scale rather than on a letter-grade scale, for all the coursework in that semester.  Such an election must be made by 4:00pm on the last day of Add/Drop week in that semester and, once made, is irrevocable.  This option must be exercised with respect to all coursework in a semester.  Please find additional grading policy information in the Taking Classes at William and Mary page.