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Faculty Activities


September 17-20 - Professor Nancy Combs will present her paper "Seeking Inconsistency: Advancing Pluralism in International Criminal Sentencing" at the Israeli Academic Exchange Seminar, held at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University in Boston. Read the paper.

September 9 - Professor Patricia Roberts, director of the Puller Veterans Clinic and director of Clinical Programs, made two presentation about the clinic's work: to the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Capital and to the Rotary Club. See the photo in the Virginia Gazette from the Kiwanis Club event.

September 1 - Professor Adam M. Gershowitz spoke to judges and clerks at the Virginia Supreme Court about the United States Supreme Court's 2014-2015 term.

Fall - Professor Alan Meese's article "In Praise of All or Nothing Dichotomous Categories: Why Antitrust Law Should Reject the Quick Look" will be published in volume 104 of the Georgetown Law Journal.

Fall - Professor Tara Grove will participate in the Wisconsin Discussion Group on Constitutionalism and will present at a workshop at the George Washington University Law School later this year

Fall - Professor Laura Heymann's article "Dialogues of Authenticity" was published in Studies in Law, Politics, and Society. Read the article.

Fall - Professor Tara Grove's article "When Can a State Sue the United States?" will be published in Volume 101 of the Cornell Law Review.

Fall - Professor Darian Ibrahim’s article "Delaware's Familiarity" (with Brian Broughman) was published in the San Diego Law Review. Read the article.

Fall - Professor Lynda Butler will present her paper "The Horne Dilemma" at the 2015 Takings Conference at Vermont Law School, the University of Maryland School of Law, and the Georgetown University Law Center.

August 22 - Professor Crystal Shin of the Special Education Advocacy Clinic chaired a session at the Building Bridges workshop for parents and caregivers in Chesapeake, VA.  Her session was titled "Pitfalls to Avoid When Advocating for Services."

August 18 - As the new school year began, Professor Adam Gershowitz took on a new role, that of Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development. Read the press release.

August 13 - Professor James S. Heller, director of the Wolf Law Library, now also leads our Madrid Program.

August - Professor Paul Marcus was the keynote speaker at an annual conference of Brazilian federal judges, held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. His topic was "Prosecuting Public Corruption." Marcus also delivered the "Magna Lecture" at the Federal University of Southern Brazil to an audience of faculty, students, judges, and lawyers.

August - Professor Neal Devins accepted an invitation to publish a symposium piece in the Vanderbilt Law Review's 2016 symposium issue. The piece will focus on Erwin Chemerinsky's book, The Case Against the Supreme Court.

August - Professor Fredrick Lederer's chapter on "Access to Justice" will be published in Global Inclusion: Disability, Human Rights, and Information Technology (Michael Stein and Jonathan Lazar, eds.), to be published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

August - Professor Tara Grove was invited to participate in a Federal Courts Roundtable at Duke Law School on “Historical Practice and the Federal Judicial Power” in October.

July 31 - During a presentation sponsored by the Federal Public Defender's Office, Professor Paul Marcus spoke to federal lawyers and judges in Chicago on "Criminal Procedure and the Supreme Court."

July 30 - Professor Fredrick Lederer, director of the Center for Legal and Court Technology, was the lead speaker on a panel sponsored by the ABA Judicial Division's Lawyers Conference, titled "Using Technology to Make Courts More User Friendly."

July -  Professor Evan Criddle's article "Three Grotian Theories of Humanitarian Intervention" was published in Theoretical Inquiries in Law. Read the Article.

July - Professor Michael Green presented his paper, “A Puzzle about Internal Legal Statements,” at a workshop on the Normativity of Law at the 27th World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy in Washington, D.C.

July - Professor Fredrick Lederer accepted an invitation from the RAND Corporation to serve as a pro bono advisory panel expert for the National Institute of Justice's Small, Rural, Tribal, and Border Regional Center.

July - Professor Alan Meese published his article "Antitrust Federalism and State Restraints of Interstate Commerce: An Essay for Professor Hovenkamp" in the Iowa Law Review's Centennial Symposium issue. Read the article.

July - Professor Neal Devins' article "Measuring Party Polarization in Congress: Lessons from Congressional Participation as Amicus Curiae" was published in volume 65 of the Case Western Law Review. Read the article.

July - Professor Michael Green's article "Was Afrikan Spir a Phenomenalist? And What Difference Does It Make for Understanding Nietzsche?" was published in the Journal of Nietzsche Studies. Read the article.

June 19-20 - Professor Tara Grove presented her article, “Reconsidering the Political Question Doctrine,” 90 N.Y.U. L. Rev. __ (2015), at the Federalist Society’s 2015 Junior Scholars Colloquium.

June 16 - Professor Patricia Roberts' article "Post-9/11 Veterans: Welcoming Them Home as Colleagues and Clients" was published in the Memphis Law Review's recent symposium issue. Read the article.

June 14- 27 - Professor Thomas J. McSweeney was awarded a fellowship to the Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Hurst Institute is a two-week workshop for junior scholars in legal history and is sponsored by the American Society for Legal History. Earlier this year he presented his article “Imagining an Ideal World through a Legal Text: Konungsbók and the Medieval Icelandic Commonwealth” at American University’s Washington College of Law.

June - Professor Lynda Butler's article "The Governance Function of Constitutional Property" was published in Volume 48 of the U.C. Davis Law Review. Read the article.

June - Professor Evan Criddle's article “Protecting Human Rights During Emergencies: Delegation, Derogation, and Deference” was published in the Netherlands Yearbook of International Law.

June - Professor Tara Grove was invited to participate in a symposium at Georgetown University Law Center on “Is the Modern Rational Basis Test Unconstitutional?”

May 26 - Professor Fredrick Lederer was selected by the Judge Advocates Foundation as the 2015 recipient of its Chief Justice John Marshall Lifetime Achievement Award. Read the story.

May 26 - Professor Timothy Zick's response to Ron Krotoszynski's review of Zick's book, The Cosmopolitan First Amendment, was published by the Ohio State Law Journal. Read the response.

May 20 - Professor Thomas J. McSweeney was the featured speaker at the Hillsborough County Bar Association's annual Law Day Luncheon in Tampa. He spoke about Magna Carta and its influence on the legal community today.

May 16 - Professor Christopher Griffin presented “An Empirical Assessment of Panel Effects in Quasi-Judicial Decision Making” at the 25th Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association, held at Columbia Law School.

May 16 - Professor Thomas J. McSweeney spoke at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University on the drafting of the preamble of Magna Carta.

May 14 - Professors Nancy Combs and Evan Criddle led an international law workshop at William & Mary Law School.

May 3-4 - Professor James Dwyer presented two talks in Israel at a conference on "Children's Rights in Relation to Parent's Rights." The conference was sponsored by Radzyner Law School at IDC Herzliya, School of Law at Sha'arei Mishpat Academic Center and the law faculty at Bar-Ilan University.

May 1 - Professor James Stern made a presentation on "Rivalry" at the Association for Law, Property, and Science's Annual Meeting at the University of Georgia.

May - Professor Linda Malone was selected as the 2015 recipient of the Spirit of Vassar award by the Alumnae/i Association of Vassar College. The award recognizes an individual whose volunteer efforts “exemplify an enduring spirit of community and caring.” Watch her acceptance remarks.

May - Professor Neal Devins' article “Fifty States, Fifty Attorneys General, and Fifty Approaches to the Duty to Defend” (with Sai Prakash) was published in the Yale Law Journal. Read the Article.

May - Professor Patricia Roberts was chosen by Virginia Lawyers Media as one of 40 women to receive an “Influential Women of Virginia” recognition for 2015. She was also appointed as Vice Chair, Military Health for the Health Law Section of the American Bar Association.

May - Professor Paul Marcus' article “Does Atkins Make a Difference in Non-Capital Case? Should It?,” 23 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts. J. 431 (2014), was selected by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers for inclusion in its “must read” list as part of its “Getting Scholarship into Court Project.”

May - Professor Thomas J. McSweeney presented his article “Imagining an Ideal World through a Legal Text: Konungsbók and the Medieval Icelandic Commonwealth” at American University’s Washington College of Law.

May - Professor Neal Devins' article “’Ideology’ or ‘Situation Sense’? An Experimental Investigation of Motivated Reasoning and Professional Judgment” (with Dan Kahan, Dave Hoffman et al.) was accepted for publication in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. Read the article.

May - Professor Christie Warren has been appointed an Expert in Comparative Law to advise the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine during its current constitutional amendment process. Christie and two of her students published an online study guide for college-level students in conjunction with the U.S. Institute of Peace’s publication of “Speaking Their Peace: Personal Stories from the Frontline of War and Peace.”

May - Professor Nancy Combs’ article “Seeking Inconsistency: Advancing Pluralism in International Criminal Sentencing” was accepted for publication in the Yale Journal of International Law.

April 16 - Professor Laura Heymann was named to William & Mary's Task Force on Race and Race Relations.

April 16 - Professor Linda Malone spoke on the history and future of ecofeminism as part of Widener Law School's Distinguished Environmental Law Speaker series.

April 15 - Professor Nathan Oman participated on a panel about for-profit businesses and religious liberty, held at Utah Valley University.

April 9 - Professor Tara Grove delivered the 2015 John L. Gedid Lecture at Widener Law School. Read the story and view the lecture.

April - Professor Patricia Roberts will serve as Vice Chair, Military Health, for the American Bar Association's Health Law Section (term ending August 2016).

April - Professor Linda Malone attended the American Society of International Law's annual conference at which the ASIL Benchbook was presented. Professor Malone co-authored a new chapter in the ASIL Benchbook on international environmental law.

April - The newsletter of the Clinical Legal Education Association published an article by Professor Patricia Roberts titled "The ABA Got It Rights: Veterans Need Our Help." The article begins on page 15 of the spring edition (opens .pdf).

April - Professor Linda Malone spoke on “The Challenge of Self-Determination in Democratic and Non-Democratic States” at a conference held at the George Washington University Law School and co-sponsored by the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.

April - Professor James Heller has been selected for induction into the American Association of Law Libraries Hall of Fame for 2015.  This Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize members of the American Association of Law Libraries whose contributions and service to the profession and the Association have been significant, substantial and long-standing.  

March - Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer participated in a Professors’ Roundtable sponsored by the W&M Graduate Student Association. Professor Kern-Scheerer spoke on the legal and political status of various state public health laws regarding mandatory vaccination and state religious/personal vaccine exemptions.

March - Professor Jayne Barnard presented her paper “The Bespoke Corporate Board" at the Corporate Law Teachers Association Annual Meeting at the University of Melbourne.

March - Professor Jayne Barnard is one of the signatories to an amici curiae brief filed by corporate and securities law professors in Trinity Wall Street v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., pending in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. The case involves a shareholder proposal submitted to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., urging board-level attention to the sale of products that may "endanger public safety and well-being" or present a "substantial potential to impair [Wal-Mart's] reputation. The brief supports Trinity Wall Street. Read the brief here.

March - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was appointed Special Counsel to investigate a complaint filed against a federal district judge for judicial misconduct. Read more

March - Professor Jeffrey Bellin's article, “The Right to Remain Armed” was accepted for publication in the Washington University Law Review. Read the article.

March - Professors Anna Chason, Jennifer Franklin, Erin Hendrickson, Stacy Kern-Scheerer, Robert KaplanLaura Killinger, and Jennifer Stevenson hosted the 5th Annual Capital Area Legal Writing Conference here at the Law School on March 6-7. The conference featured speakers from fifteen schools and focused on developments and best practices in teaching legal writing. Professors Anna Chason, Jennifer Franklin, Erin Hendrickson,Laura Killinger, and Jennifer Stevenson presented at the conference. 

March - Professor Evan Criddle participated in the League of Women Voters’ Great Decisions Lecture Series, speaking on “The Syrian Refugee Crisis: International Law as Cause and Cure.” 

March - Professor James Dwyer was elected as chair of the Children and the Law Section of the AALS.

March - Professor James Dwyer hosted and made two presentations at this year’s William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal symposium, titled “The Liberal Dilemma in Child Welfare Reform,” held here on March 20.

March - Professor Christopher Griffin's article "Self-Perception of Disability and Prospects for Employment Among U.S. Veterans" (with Michael Stein) was published in Volume 50 of the peer-review journal Work. Read the article.

March - Professor Tara Grove’s article “Reconsidering the Political Question Doctrine” was accepted for publication by the NYU Law Review. Read the article

March - Professor Darian Ibrahim’s article, “Equity Crowdfunding: A Market for Lemons?” was accepted for publication by the Minnesota Law Review. Read the article.

March - Professor Darian Ibrahim's article, “Delaware Law as Lingua Franca: Theory and Evidence” (with Brian Broughman and Jesse Fried) was published in the Journal of Law and Economics. Read the article.

March - Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer spoke to health law students at the University of Richmond Law School about the legislative process of the Affordable Care Act and King v. Burwell.

March - Professor Allison Orr Larsen’s article “Do Laws Have A Constitutional Shelf Life?” was accepted for publication by the Texas Law Review. 

March - A delegation from the NCAA Committees on Infractions visited College of William and Mary Law School and discussed with Professor Fredrick Lederer, of the Center for Legal and Court Technology, how technology could be used to enhance NCAA alleged infraction investigations, hearings, and appeals.

March - Professor Linda Malone was invited to participate in a symposium on climate change and human rights at Fordham Law School. 

March - Professor Linda Malone gave a guest lecture on March 3 on climate change, military readiness, and the Arctic conflicts at Columbia Law School, where she is a visiting fellow at its Climate Change Law Center. 

March - Professor Linda Malone's article “Maturing Justice: Incorporating the Convention on the Rights of the Child into the Law and Processes of the International Criminal Court,” prepared for a conference aimed at advising the Prosecutor of the ICC, will appear in volume 43 of the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law.

March - Professor Thomas J. McSweeney presented “Magna Carta as England’s First Statute” to the Georgia Bar for its Magna Carta anniversary symposium.

March - Professor Sarah Rajec presented her paper "Indisputable IP" at the 2015 Works in Progress in Intellectual Property Conference, hosted by the USPTO and GW Law School, and at a faculty workshop at Washington & Lee.

March - Professor Patricia Roberts was a speaker at the Virginia Law Foundation's fellow induction dinner, held at the Virginia Bar Association's annual meeting where she spoke about the work of the Puller Veterans' Benefits Clinic

March - Professor Patricia Roberts and Professor Aniela Szymanski joined two amicus briefs filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (opposing the VA’s position that the Harvard Law School’s veterans’ clinic should not be entitled to EAJA fees); an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court (involving the VA’s decision to deny benefits to a veteran notwithstanding a presidential pardon); and an amicus brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (challenging new filing rules for claims), which included a client example from the W&M Puller Clinic.

March -  Professor Patricia Roberts presented “Post-9/11 Veterans: Welcoming Them Home as Colleagues and Clients,” at a symposium at the University of Memphis titled “In re Valor: Policy and Actions in Veterans Legal Aid.” The paper will be published in the University of Memphis Law Review. Read the Paper

March -  Professor James Stern’s essay “ABC v. Aereo and the Humble Judge” was published in the Supreme Court Review-Preview edition of the NYU Journal of Law & Liberty. Read the essay.

March - Professor James Stern presented his paper “The Essential Structure of Property Law” at Wake Forest on March 24.

March - Jennifer F. Stevenson co-presented (with Alexa Chew of UNC Chapel Hill) “Teaching LL.M. Students Legal Writing and Research: Lessons Learned” at the 5th Annual Capital Area Legal Writing Conference, held at the Law School on March 6-7.

March - On February 11, Professor Aniela Szymanski spoke to graduate psychology students at George Mason University Center for Psychological Services about the challenges facing young veterans in the U.S.

March - Professor Christie S. Warren was appointed to the Editorial Board of the Islamabad Law Review, the peer-reviewed, biannual, open-access research journal of the Faculty of Shariah & Law at the International Islamic University in Islamabad.

March - Professor Christie S. Warren’s appointment as a Supreme Court Fellows Commissioner was renewed for a three-year term by Chief Justice John Roberts. Among Christie’s fellow Commissioners are the Hon. Robert A. Katzmann, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the Hon. Patricia Ann Millett, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Read about the fellowship.

March - Over the spring break, Professor Christie S. Warren worked with Iranian judges and human rights lawyers in Prague on post-conflict and post-regime change reconstruction issues, including constitutional and legal reforms and the role of human rights and Shari’ah in the Iranian legal system.

February - Professor Jeffrey Bellin was elected to the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Evidence. 

February - Professors Jeffrey BellinAdam Gershowitz, and Paul Marcus spoke at the William & Mary Law Review's conference on plea bargaining, which was also organized by Professors Jeffrey Bellin and Adam Gershowitz.

February - Professor Evan Criddle's article "Standing for Human Rights Abroad" was recently published in the Cornell Law Review.

February - Professor Neal Devins and Professor Louis Fisher's book, The Democratic Constitution is now in its second edition. The volume will be published later this year. 

February - Professor James Dwyer's article "Misused Concepts and Misguided Questions: Fundamental Confusions in Family Law Debates" was favorably reviewed by Brian Bix at the legal scholarship review site Jotwell. 

February - Professor James Dwyer presented a paper at the 2015 AALS Annual Meeting as part of a panel titled "Dead Upon Birth: The Inter-Generational Cycle of Thwarted Lives in America's Poorest Neighborhoods."

February - Professor James Dwyer presented "Children as Property" at a conference titled "Human Rights and the Sexualization of Culture," held at Regent University School of Law on February 21.

February - Professor Adam M. Gershowitz's article "An NTSB for Capital Punishment" was published in a symposium issue of Texas Tech Law Review.

February - Professor Tara Grove moderated a panel on "The Executive's Power Not to Enforce the Law" and presented a paper titled "Reconsidering the Political Question Doctrine" at the Federalist Society's Seventeenth Annual Faculty Conference.

February - Professor Laura Heymann was one of several speakers on trademark law's reasonable person at an event hosted by University College London's Institute of Brand and Innovation Law on February 25. Read about the event

February - Professor Laura Heymann presented her article "Dialogues of Authenticity" at the University of Cambridge on February 26. Read the article

February - Professor Darian Ibrahim was elected to the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Securities Regulation.

February - Professor Darian Ibrahim presented his article, "Equity Crowdfunding: A Market for Lemons?" at a faculty workshop at Washington & Lee on February 2. Read the article

February -  Professor Fredric Lederer conducted a demonstration of the McGlothlin Courtroom for a multinational group from the Middle East and a second demonstration, via videoconferencing, for judges from Brazil. 

February - Professor Fredric Lederer, Professor Christine Williams and several Center for Legal and Court Technology (CLCT) students are conducting a pro bono project to assist therapists in providing remote assistance to military personnel and their family members dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

January - Professor Jayne Barnard was elected chair of the AALS Section on Business Associations for the 2015 calendar year.

January - Professor James Dwyer gave the keynote address, titled "Speaking Truth For and With Children", at a conference on "Denialism and Human Rights" held at the University of Maastricht on January 22-23. 

January - Professor James Dwyer's paper "Same-Sex Cynicism and the Self-Defeating Pursuit of Social Acceptance Through Litigation" was cited in the dissenting opinion in Latta v. Ottler, 2015 WL 128117 (9th Cir. Jan. 9, 2015), which dissented from the denial of rehearing en banc.  The article has also been cited in amicus briefs filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in DeBoer v. Snyder. Read the opinion

January -  Professor Tara Grove participated in a panel on "The Role of History in the Federal Courts Cannon" at the 2015 AALS Annual Meeting, where she presented "Article III in the Political Branches." Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was a co-panelist.

January - Professor Patricia Roberts served as chair and as one of the co-authors of the chapter on interprofessional education that will appear in the forthcoming book, Building on Best Practices: Transforming Legal Education in a Changing World (Lexis 2015).

January - Professor Patricia Roberts participated in a Plenary Session panel on "Working with Faculty for Fundraising and Communication" at the AALS Annual Meeting in January.