A Message from Our Director

Professor Ronald H. Rosenberg, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs, LL.M. Program Director, rhrose@wm.eduWe appreciate your interest in our LL.M. Program in the American Legal System here at William & Mary Law School and would like offer you the opportunity to join us for an exciting course of study in Williamsburg, Virginia. This Master of Laws degree allows law graduates and attorneys from around the world the opportunity to continue their education by either specializing in specific areas of law, or by broadening their knowledge of the American Legal System itself.

Our full-time faculty is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized experts in many fields of law, while our adjunct professors include practicing lawyers and public officials with decades of hands-on experience in the ethical practice of law.

Like almost every aspect of modern society, the field of law is rapidly becoming more globalized, and the importance of a study abroad experience cannot be understated.  You will enhance your resume with valuable skills that will set you apart in your future job search.

We hope you will consider joining us for an experience of a lifetime.

Contact our LL.M. Admissions Office:  llmadm@wm.edu

Professor Jennifer Stevenson, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs, Associate Director, LL.M. Program, jsstevenson@wm.edu

Brenda Stone, Assistant Director, International Programs Office, bjstone@wm.edu