Third Semester LL.M. Degree

Third Semester Option

William & Mary Law School offers an optional three-semester LL.M. in American Legal Studies, to complement its traditional two semester program. 


“Students really benefit from the three semester LL.M. option.  This allows them to continue to hone their English language skills, while deepening their experience with U.S. law.  The specialization component is especially useful in their career development at home and abroad," said Professor Jennifer S. Stevenson, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, and Director, American Legal Studies Graduate Program.

Students admitted to the William & Mary LL.M. Program will begin with the current two-semester program. 

Students who wish to continue for a third semester will take coursework (a minimum of ten additional credits) with a specialized focus on one of the following specializations: 

  1. Business & Corporate Law;
  2. International Law and Justice;
  3. Intellectual Property;
  4. Constitutional Law
  5. Criminal Law; or
  6. Methods of Dispute Resolution

 Upon completion of the third semester, students will receive their LL.M. degree with a designation that they have specialized in one of the six subject-matter areas.